Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Brother Picks!

Why, hello there! Molly here, and today mommy's brother picked out some outfits for us to wear. They were so cr-r-razy and cool that we just HAD to share them with you! (we'll be doing this every so often so you can see more and more cuteness!)

Prepare to see some cute craziness!

Looky here at ME! Here I am wearing my skirt that goes to my 'meet outfit', the Star Hoodie Tunic, the American Girl hat, and the Snow Leopard Boots that go to a DreamWorldCollections outfit I won. My hair is two braids pulled into a ponytail! What a cute outfit! 

Hola! Josefina here! Here I am wearing the American Girl Tee, a home-made skirt my mom made, Molly's Mary-Jane's, and the Skinny Jeans for dolls. My hair is pulled into a high braid! Once again, cr-r-rasy and CUTE!

Bonjour! It's ME, the incredibly AWESOME Cecile Rey!!!!!! After being starstruck I'll tell you what I'm wearing. I mean, YOU JUST MET A FAMOUS AWESOME INCREDIBLE PERSON!!! ME!!!

Over your star-struckness? Mom's brother picked out the shirt from the DreamWorldCollections outfit Molly won, the skirt from an Our Generation outfit: Hally's Read and Play outfit, to be exact. Who's Hally? Some Our Generation character, I think. The pants I'm wearing are the pants from the Snow Flurry Outfit from AG, The bonnet I'm wearing is MY bonnet from My Summer Outfit, and the shoes I'm wearing are the boots form my 'meet outfit'. 

Molly here again! Here we all are! Guess what? Mom took all the pictures of us, but this very last one here, her brother took! Thanks, dad! (we call him dad, but technically he would be our uncle.) Thank once again, dad, for choosing our outfits and creating an all-new, fun, crazy and cute post for today! We are looking forward to this again!!!! 


Molly, Josefina and Cecile! (with Madison and her brother! hehe.) 


  1. I love their crazy outfits, especially Josefina's!

    1. LOLOL! Thank you so much, Breck and Liz!

  2. Awesomely awsome!!!!! <3 More please!


    1. lol! Thank you very much!!! We'll be doing this every so often, so you can see more crazy cuteness! ;)

      ~Molly ;)

  3. Oh so cute and crazy all at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love Mollys! and Cece's!

    I love mix and matching my doll's clothes to create super cute outfits! your outfits are really cute! i love Cece's!

    Love hannah


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