Monday, February 25, 2013

How To Make The 'Happy Meal' Box From "Molly's Trip To McDOLLnalds"!

Hi, girlies! It's Olly Molly here, ready to show you another CREATIVE CRAFT CORNER!! Today, we're showing you how to make the 'Happy Meal' box from the McDOLLnalds post! Get your crafts supplies together, and let's get started!

Why, hello there! Molly here! 


*Bobby-pins and/or barrettes 
*a Pen/pencil
*Red construction paper 
* optional yellow construction paper. 

Let's get started! :D

Step one: Grab your pencil/pen and draw this shape out of your red construction paper.

Step 2: This is what it should look like when it is cut out. 

Step 3: Get one of the corners and put a dollop of glue on it. Bring the corner beside it up to it and stick it on there. 

Step 4: Use your bobby-pin/barrette so it will stay there while the glue dries.

Step 5: Do steps 3-4 for all of the corners. This is what it should look like when all the clips are on. The glue should dry in 5-10 minutes. If using a hot glue gun, it should dry right away. If using super glue, it should dry in about a minute.

 Step 6: Cut two equal, long, handle shapes out of the construction paper. 

Step 7: When the glue is dry (the amount of time it takes to dry depends on the type of glue you have) carefully take off the clips. 

Step 8: Glue on the handles. Wait a few more minutes for those to dry. Then, (OPTIONAL) cut two circles out of yellow construction paper, and a smile out of construction paper. Glue them on to the sides on the 'Happy Meal' box for a McDollnalds 'logo'.

You're done! Simple as that! And now you have a cute and tidy little box to store all your little Happy Meal goodies! For food or drinks, use that artist side of you to make those things out of clay or play-doh! And the best part is: It doesn't just hold Happy Meals! Why, it can be a doll's best friend for a  petite little basket for picking flowers or to store her earrings! Have a wonderful and blessed day now!



Sunday, February 24, 2013

Molly Goes To McDOLLnalds!

Hola! Josefina here. Since I went to the human-sized McDonalds, it's time for Molly to go to the doll-sized McDOLLnalds! (don't worry, me and Cecile work there, so you'll see us in there too!) Take it away, Molly!


Hi girls! OLLY MOLLY here! It's funny, I'd never been to a Doll Fast Food place before, so I don't know what to do. But, today, I've decided to face my fears and try the new McDOLLnalds across the street. So, I hopped in my car and went! I wanted to have a small 'picnic' anyways.

I was SUPER worried that I would embarras myself in front of the employees there, but they were super nice and told me everything I needed to know. "Hi, I'm Cecile, and welcome to McDollnalds. May I take your order?" the lady asked. I looked at the menu beside her. I studied it. "I'll take the Sprite, a small french fries, and a bag of apples, please," I answered. 

"A Sprite, small french fries and a bag of apples are coming right up! Just pay here and drive to the other window," she instructed me. "That will be 4 dollars." 

I handed her the money. 
Then, I drove up a couple of feet to the other window.

"Hi there, I'm Josefina, and you ordered Sprite, french fries and apples, right?" asked the 2nd employee, checking over my order. "Yes," I answered. 

"Then we've got the right order!" Josefina exclaimed, handing me my meal. (see the cute box?!) "Thank you for coming to McDollnalds, and have a very blessed day!" Josefina called as I took my order. I waved, then I was off! 

See my meal? There's the Sprite, the french fries, and the bag of apples! It was SO good, yet I knew Fast Food wasn't good for you... LOL! 

So to remember my awesome time eating my very first Fast-Food, I had a passerby snap a photo for me!

Cecile: Say, "Le fromage!"
Me: HUH????
Cecile: In French, that's cheese!
Me: OH! Well, then, cheese and le fromage!

I hope you enjoyed! :D 

Have you ever been to a Fast Food place?



Saturday, February 23, 2013

Josefina's Trip To McDonald's!

Hola! It is Josefina. Yesterday, I went to McDonalds with my mom and her family. They had a PlayPlace. I went there, too. Come and watch this video, showing all the pictures we took. Thank you for watching, and have a very blessed day!

~Love, Josefina

Friday, February 22, 2013

A Blog Review: Madness and Fun, and Madness and Fun With the Dolls!

Hello there, lovely people of the world! LOL! ;) Today, we met up with Abbie and Abbie's Dolls, the owners of Madness and Fun and Madness and Fun With the Dolls, and decided we should do a review on each other's blogs! We actually decided this a little while ago, but we've finally have time to do it right here, right now! ;) So, here we go! :D

Let's begin with Madness and Fun! is the thing of pure delight! There are cool crafts, cute pictures, and another thing......AG! Yep, you guessed it, AG! A new post telling about new AG things realeasing! Cute pictures of Abbie's dolls doing cute stuff! The occasional doll craft! Cool crafts for dolls and humans, adorable pictures of dolls and cute animals, and overall, another amazing blog by a sweet, Christian girl, who goes by Abbie. :) Let's give a hand for Madness and Fun! *bloggers all over the world applause*

Second, let's get onto ! Abbie's dolls steal a cute little blog and make it there own! The Mini-Dolls might take over, the 18 Inch AG dolls have an adventure with the family cat, cute little chats and adorable crafts! This AG blog is the place to look if you're bored out of your mind, and need ideas for your dolls! Let's jump at, wag our tails and bark for this amazing blog! *winks at Coconut* Coconut: RUFF RUFF RUFF! ARF! ARF! BARK, WOOF WOOF! (Madness and Fun With The Dolls RULE!!!!!!)

That's about it for the reviews! Thanks for doing with us, Abbie and Abbie's dolls!

Check out this 100% pure awesomeness by clicking these links! AND !!!
Thank you for reading!

(coming up: Josefina's adventure to McDonalds! We were going to post that today, but we figured the review would be a little better!)


(With Josefina and Cecile!)

Creative Craft Corner: A Doll Salon Cape and Doll Flowers!

Well hey hey heya, happy people! You ready for a little what-what?! LOL! ;) It's CRAFT time! Today, we'll show you how to make a Doll Salon Cape and and Doll Bouquet of FLOWERS! I know, I know, we've kind of been doing video's lately, but it gets very complicated in just pictures and words. SO, we made a little video! There are AWESOME effects, sweet pictures, and very informative videos and pictures! Please watch! :D

(haha, Mom made this last night, so she's in her jammies! LOL!!)

If you made a doll salon cape, flowers, or both, I'd LOVE to know!

(with Josefina and Cecile!)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Brother Picks!

Why, hello there! Molly here, and today mommy's brother picked out some outfits for us to wear. They were so cr-r-razy and cool that we just HAD to share them with you! (we'll be doing this every so often so you can see more and more cuteness!)

Prepare to see some cute craziness!

Looky here at ME! Here I am wearing my skirt that goes to my 'meet outfit', the Star Hoodie Tunic, the American Girl hat, and the Snow Leopard Boots that go to a DreamWorldCollections outfit I won. My hair is two braids pulled into a ponytail! What a cute outfit! 

Hola! Josefina here! Here I am wearing the American Girl Tee, a home-made skirt my mom made, Molly's Mary-Jane's, and the Skinny Jeans for dolls. My hair is pulled into a high braid! Once again, cr-r-rasy and CUTE!

Bonjour! It's ME, the incredibly AWESOME Cecile Rey!!!!!! After being starstruck I'll tell you what I'm wearing. I mean, YOU JUST MET A FAMOUS AWESOME INCREDIBLE PERSON!!! ME!!!

Over your star-struckness? Mom's brother picked out the shirt from the DreamWorldCollections outfit Molly won, the skirt from an Our Generation outfit: Hally's Read and Play outfit, to be exact. Who's Hally? Some Our Generation character, I think. The pants I'm wearing are the pants from the Snow Flurry Outfit from AG, The bonnet I'm wearing is MY bonnet from My Summer Outfit, and the shoes I'm wearing are the boots form my 'meet outfit'. 

Molly here again! Here we all are! Guess what? Mom took all the pictures of us, but this very last one here, her brother took! Thanks, dad! (we call him dad, but technically he would be our uncle.) Thank once again, dad, for choosing our outfits and creating an all-new, fun, crazy and cute post for today! We are looking forward to this again!!!! 


Molly, Josefina and Cecile! (with Madison and her brother! hehe.) 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What The Dolls Have Been Up To!

Haha, wanna see what we do when Mom (Madison) is not playing with us or taking photo's for photo-stories or stop-motions? We get posed in cute positions! Here are today's cute positions, LOL!

Hehehe! Here's me carrying a home-made bouquet of straw-and-tissue-paper flowers, and in my other free arm, Molly-Anne! 

Close-up! (look out for a chance to make your own straw-and-tissue-paper bouquet in an up-coming post!) 

Josefina is sitting in the Our Generation Salon Chair, waiting for her hair to be styled! CUTE!

Close-up of the handmade Salon Cape! (look out for a chance to learn how to make this, too!) 

And then here we have the lovely Cecile! She's riding Gingersnap, our "My Life As" brand horse or something like that. 

"YEE-HAWWW! Ride the reins, Gingersnap!" Cecile cried, leading her into the Stables. (click the link to see a better picture of it!) 

Thank for peeking at us when we're not posing for photo-stories! haha ;) Hope you enjoyed!


Molly(ME), Josefina and Cecile (and their mom, Madison, lol)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Horse-Riding Adventure!

Hola, meese-a-meega's! Hello, my friends! Josefina here, ready to present to you a horse adventure!

"Hola, Gingersnap!" I called out cheerily as I stepped into...........

Gingersnap's stable! Gingersnap greeting me with a nicker of delight. "How are you today?" I grinned, patting her soft neck. Gingersnap tossed her head back and gave a delightful "neigh" of pleasure. I laughed, taking that as a "I am very good today!" hanging the saddle-bag on a hook in the corner, I walked towards her hay. Why, there was hardly any left! I grinned, replacing it with a fresh, new bale. 

It doesn't look very appetizing to us dolls, but the horses LOVE it!

I checked on her water, noticing that it was low, but it was the evening, and Gingersnap hardly drank in the evening, so I made a promise to myself to refill in the morning.

See how low it was?

Gingersnap didn't seem to mind, so I grabbed the gentle horse-comb and started brushing her soft fur. "Good girl," I soothed when the horse started to paw at the ground uncomfortably. "It's going to be over soon." 

See how sleek and shiny it looks after it's been brushed? 

And, even though I shouldn't be doing it in Cecile's elegant Summer Dress, I just couldn't resist....

"Gingersnap," I whispered in a hushed, excited tone. "I know it's getting dark, but if it was just a quick, short ride....." Gingersnap nickered happily, getting my point. Grabbing the reins, I grinned as I swiftly buckled them in place. Leaping on, I leaned forward and whispered,


Trot, trot, trot, CANTER! CANTER! CANTER! Cantering was more like it! Galloping through the open area, I knew what animal-to-doll friendship was like that very moment. <3

Thank you for reading!


 (: Josefina Montoya and Gingersnap :)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Molly-Anne's Adventure Outside!

Why hello there. I'm Molly-Anne! If you haven't met me before in any of my previous posts, I am a re-named Mini Molly form American Girl! But not just any Mini Molly! Why, the doll of the 18 inch Molly! And she's the owner of this blog! (Madison, her mom, types it up for her ;)) And I'm Molly's doll! SO, the introductions are all done....SO I guess I can share with you my awesome time outside today! Look at the pictures you see below....and realize they are 100% PURE AWESOMENESS. 


HEHEHE....Not supposed to be up here, kinda dangerous, but OK for one quick picture, right? Heh heh.... A metal bookcasey kinda thing turned on it's side. Been there for months! See me standin' on it? 

A rope! And not just any rope....The rope of Fort Makenzie! LOL. A play set with swings and stuff. ;) 

When it was time to go onside, I immediately thought in my head, WHAT?! No way! Why, we were hardly out here for a couple of minutes! I need to stay longer. Instead of going inside with my owner, Molly, I hid behind one of the handle bars of Fort M&R. 

What a view! 

WHAT A BIG LOG! It's funny, all the humans around here call them sticks. CONFUSING! 

Deeper into my adventure, it got SUPER windy. SO windy, in fact, for a little doll like me who weighed hardly a pound....Well, the wind....was STRONG! I wished I had gone inside with my owner, Molly! It was all too windy now! I felt my feet lift off the ground a little bit. "Molly.....Molly...MOLLY! HELP! HELP!" I wailed, tears streaming down my cheeks. I was going to be lost forever! 

Flying through the air, I knew I was a goner. I wailed and wailed, but my voice was already so tiny and the wind so strong. My braids whirling around me, the earth passing through like a blur beneath me, and my destiny very, very near to me.  

SPLAT! I landed on this concrete thingy-ma-jig. At least I have time to take my few last breaths,  knowing that I was safe, for now. If the wind picked up again, I would never see the face of day again! A flood of tears trickling down my face were probably the last tears I'll ever pour out. "Molly! Molly! Molly....." I whispered, knowing it would be my last. I hugged the concrete thingy-ma-jig. It was probably the last hug I'd ever give somebody. I looked up to Heaven, praying to God that I'd survive. 

Meanwhile, the others figured out I was not inside with them. They saw a flash of pink whiz by in the wind, and then all the color drained out of 18 inch Molly's face. Molly-Anne, she thought, throwing herself down the stairs and outside, struggling to keep to the ground, for it was VERY windy, but not enough for a tornado. 

"MOLLY-ANNE!" She screamed. Her voice was much stronger than mine. "MOLLY!" I tried to shout, but it was no use. My voice was too small, the wind was too strong . I wiggled, trying to get comfortable on the concrete thingy-ma-jig. "KEEP MOVING! I SEE YOU!!" Molly screehced, making her way through the wind-storm. I flounced myself EVERYWHERE! 

"Molly-Anne, you scared us half to death!" Molly explained between sobs of joy when she picked me up. "Don't ever leave us like that again!" I shook my head, knowing I would NEVER do that again, more tears trickling down my cheek. We made it inside safely.

Here I am, just opening the nursery door which led to the foyer which led to the door which led upstairs.  Quite the tongue twister! lol. I whispered a small prayer of thanks as we made it inside. We were welcomed by a chorus of, "WOO HOO! Molly-Anne is safe!" "Hallelujah! Molly-Anne is here!" and, "Hurray for Molly and Molly-Anne!" I am glad to be with my family now, and the moral of this photo story is:


Anyways, thanks so much for watching ...AND LEARNING TO GO INSIDE WHEN YOUR FAMILY DOES! 



Saturday, February 16, 2013

How To Curl American Girl Doll Hair!

Why, hello lovely people of the world! It is I, the one and ONLY Cecile Rey! As I felt I had been a little too majestic in my last post, I began to realize I wasn't the ruler of everything. Though it felt nice, nothing really honored me. SO, to make up for it, I will show you how to curl my GORGEOUS hair!!! It shows how to curl lose curly doll hair, like Caroline's, too. So, you ready for some kid-friendly music while watching a very formative video? ME TOO!

I'm sorry we've been doing so many video's lately, but I promise this is the last one for a few posts!!!
Mom(Madison) made this. Please watch! There is very kid-friendly music in the background, too. The music is "Fire of God" by Rohn Bailey. "We are hungry for the fire of God, to set us free from the ways of men, hands are lifting for the light has come, we are hungry for the FI-IRE!!!" If any of you are familiar with it. :) At the end, there's a little bit of "From The Rising Of The Sun" By Christ For The Nations. (CFNI.)


I hope this helped you!

Your loving CECE! <3

Cecile's Adventure Outside!

Bonjour, mon amies! Hello, my friends! It is I, the very one and ONLY Cecile Rey! Today, I went outside to make sure everything was running smoothly.

(Molly: UGH! Cecile acts like she's the queen of everything. Why, her last name even means King in French!!!)

HEY! Anyways, back to ME! So, as I was saying, I went outside to make sure everything was going as it was supposed to.

Cecile Rey, Empress of Everything! President of Perfection! Queen of the Quite delightful! Yes ma'am, that would certainly be me. Here I am, potrolling the grounds. 

Then, I decided to swing on the--I MEAN, test out the swing to make sure it was still working.

WWWEEEE!!!! I mean, "WOOORRRKING good!"

"WOOD OF FORT MAKENZIE! Bow to me. Report how well you have been doing." I commanded. The wood did nothing. Angrily, I stomped all on it. HA! "That is your punishment for not obeying me!" I scoffed, flouncing to the slide. (Molly: Cecile? Really? How can wood OBEY you? IT CAN'T MOVE! And you are NOT in charge of ANYTHING but yourself!)

I was about to slide down to check how well it still worked, but I saw the dirt at the end. Surely, a Queen would not have dirt on her! I flounced off angrily, disappointed in my citizens of the outdoors. 

"DOOR! I command you; OPEN THYSELF!" Old English......Do you think Queens talk Old English? As the door did nothing, I pushed it. HA! Serves it right! I noticed that when I pushed it, it finally obeyed me. I stepped into the Nursery proudly. I walked slowly, grandly and ladylike through the nursery, into the foyer, then to the door that led upstairs. 

There you have it! The most wonderful doll you have EVER, EVER IN A MILLION YEARS seen in YOUR LIFE! CECILE AMELIE REY! ME! The most supreme ruler!!! Have a wonderful day...BEING RULED BY ME!!!!


Cecile Rey <3

Molly here! UGH, Cecile thinks she's the boss of everything. Luckily, that's only outside and online. Thankfully I don't have to LIVE with that, though she's sometimes bossy upstairs, too. AAAHHH! ~Molly 
(with Josefina, who well agrees!)