Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cecile's Parlor Outfit CAME IN THE MAIL!

Bonjour, Mon Amies! (Hello, My friends!) How are you today? It is Cecile Rey. Mama ordered my Parlor outfit last week. Yesterday, it came in the mail and Mama opened it. These pictures are still fresh; only 24 hours old! ;) There's a video and some modeling pictures below. Enjoy!

Mama made this video! Please watch! (Kid-friendly.)

Mama piecing the outfit together.....

AHA! Here it is all together. My mama recommends this outfit 100 % for those of you who have Cecile or Marie-Grace. It comes with a white long-sleeved blouse, a golden taffeta jacket to go over that, (it opens with Velcro, though it looks like there are buttons!) a clover-printed skirt and two (REALLY LONG) purple ribbons to sweep back my perfect curls for the finishing touch!  

Aren't I mah-nyee-feek? (that is how you say magnificent in French!) 

Thank you SO much for watching the video, looking at the pictures and reading this post! We really depend on readers and commenters like you to make Delightful World of Dolls the best it can be!

Au revior! (Aww- reh-vwar is how to say it. It's goodbye in French!!) 

~The one and ONLY Cecile Rey! 


  1. HEY it's the start of February! February 2nd to be exact. WOO-HOO! VALENTINES TIME!

  2. Yuck Valentines day........ You look cute in your outfit Cecile!

    1. Cecile: Thank you so much! Josefina says she isn't looking forward to Valentines Day either!

      Molly: Thanks for commenting!!!!

      ~Molly, Cecile and Josefina!

    2. What's wrong with Valentine's Day? I mean it's not one of my favorites but I like it. LOL!
      P.S. My dolls are gonna have a Valentine's Day Party and they're really excited :)

    3. Josefina: Valentines Day is nice, but I'm not big on love!!!
      Molly: WHO COULD NOT LOVE VALENTINES DAY?! Get it? Love? Valentines day? xD

      Wow that sounds great! I hope the party goes well!!!

  3. nice pics video and outfit!

    Love hannah

  4. Madison:
    That's really cute! I love that outfit!

    Also, I have a request, do you think you could take a break from all sorts of videos for awhile? I like reading stuff and seeing pics better. I hope this doesn't sound mean cause I don't intend it to be that way!

    1. Madison: Thanks!!! And of course, I don't have to do videos all the time! Tomorrow (hint hint!!!) my dolls are going to have a "Super BALL" while we're having a super BOWL. It's a ball and it's a photostory!! :D And it doesn't sound mean at all: suggestions from out readers and commenters are ALWAYS welcome! :D

    2. LOL! That sounds cute!
      OK, good! I kinda felt wierd saying it. Suggestions always welcome? Hmmm... how about you continue their chat! I want to know what happened to Josefina! LOLOL!

    3. Blog post was delayed yesterday because I spent the day going to my BFF's house after church. LOL! I'll do the super ball today!
      I totally forgot about the doll chat! I'll do that!!!


    4. That's fine :) I'm excited to see it today!
      Poor Josefina! She probably thinks nobody cares about her! LOL!


      Molly: Tomorrow, silly!
      Josefina: YEA!!!


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