Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Watch Us Shine

Have you heard of American Girl's song, "Watch Us Shine"? They used to display it on their ISU page. It said you could download it to MP3 or whatever, but we tried downloading it onto ITunes, and TA-DA! We got Watch Us Shine!

SO, we put Watch Us Shine onto some photo's mom took of us (me doing my best in gymnastics; me SHINING!) and got the scenes to run together, and.....and.....WE GOT OUT OWN SLIDESHOW! And, we named it; Watch Us Shine! haha. Look below to see some awesomeness!!! (I'm an American Girl doll! hehe)

The music is "Watch Us Shine" by American Girl! :) :)

~Molly, Josefina and Cecile :)

Friday, January 25, 2013

A New Beginning; A sequel to "Cecile's Destiny In Her Necklace"

Hello dollies and their mommies!

Remember Cecile's Destiny in Her Necklace? An awesome movie mom made a few posts back? Well, MOM MADE A SEQUEL!!!!! Yes a sequel! An AMAZING sequel, at that. More music, more texts, credits, curtains....the whole deal!!! She made a movie with the text, credits and music that PROFESSIONALS would use!!! "Well, what are you waiting for?!?!!" you say. "I'll believe it when I see it!"


(and, occasional hands and feet. Mom's not the best pro in the world!)


Amazing, huh? Well, here comes the continuing of the doll chat!

Josefina enters chat
Cecile enters chat
Molly enters chat

Josefina: Lo siento por la forma en que actuó. No tendría que haber escapado. ¿Me perdonas?

Molly: (google translate the Spanish)

Cecile: Oui, I forgive you. I am sorry for being so rude:)

Josefina: ¿Amigos?

Cecile: Amis encore!


Cecile: Sorry! Just google translate what we said in Spanish and in French.

Molly: Josefina? You haven't said anything in a while.

Josefina: ....

Cecile: WHAT'S WRONG NOW?!?!?!!!

Josefina: No puedo entender Inglés cuando usted está gritando!

Molly: Goo. Gle. Trans. Late. NOW.

Cecile: I'M SORRY!!!! OH WAIT I just shouted! Sorry, Josefina

Josefina: Voy a cambiar mi nombre y mudarse a Nueva Zelanda!

Molly: You will not do such a thing, JOSEFINA MONTOYA!!!!

Josefina: ¡Adiós!

Cecile: NO! Come back! Come-

Molly: Cecile, It's no use.

Josefina has left the chat.

Esta historia continuará!
A suivre!

~Molly, Cecile, and......well, who knows what happened to Josefina? DUN DUN DUN!!!!  xD

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lazy Day

Hello Girls!

My mom says she's too exhausted to type for me today. So, I'm typing. But I don't she's getting any rest. I keep on asking her where letters are. I have no idea how to download photo's, though we took some pretty great ones today. *sigh* Oh well! Maybe you'd like to see how us dolls chat. Here we go.....

Cecile: BONJOUR! Has anyone LEARNED French from this FRENCH SPEAKING EXPERT??!?!!!

Josefina: No puedo entender francés.

Cecile: What?


Cecile: Translate in English, please.

Josefina: *blushes* Lo siento. (I'm Sorry) I said, I cannot understand your French.


Josefina: NO!

Cecile: PARODN ME?!

Josefina: Yo no quiero aprender! No me obligues! Es difícil para mí entender otros idiomas! *runs off sobbing*

Cecile: What are you saying?!?!?!!!

Molly: Google translate, sistah.

Cecile: Alright. *types in search browser, translate.google.com*


Molly: Try in Spanish! Or should I say, español ;)

Cecile: Google translate........ok...I think I know how to say I'm Sorry in Spanish, and then the rest...... Lo siento! Vuelve, Josefina. No quise decir lo que dije. Lo siento.

Molly: WHAT did YOU say?

Cecile: I said, Come back, Josefina. I did not mean what I said. I'm Sorry.

Molly: Maybe she will come back and join the chat!

Cecile: Maybe!

Chat ended.


~Molly Josefina and Cecile

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mama's Donation

Hello, girls! Molly here!!! Today, mom went for her monthly check-up at the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for children.

Before drawing her blood, they asked if she would like to participate in helping for research to help other kids. They needed five children, and they already had a couple. She said "Yes," and turns out, they had to draw extra blood to compare to other kids who didn't have the treatment that she had, to see if the medicine was helping. Mom felt good that she was helping the doctors research for other kids!!!

Have you donated something to help others before?  

~Molly and Madison <3

Monday, January 21, 2013

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Bonjour- it is I, the one and ONLY Cecile Rey!!!! Today was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and tonight mom, her family and me spent the whole day watching youtube videos of Martin Luther King Jr's speeches.

 Martin Luther King Jr. was a black man, during the 1960's. At that time, black and whites were separated! :(  Martin Luther King Jr made speeches about this, and he was very wise. He made a group of people that fought against this decision. Not with guns, no, but with words. He once stated in one of his speeches, "I have a dream; That black sisters and white sisters; and black brothers and white brothers; will hold hands." The night that he made his last speech, he knew that he was going to be assassinated the very next day, in the middle of a speech. He changed the hearts and lives of many, and he gave words of encouragement. He prophesied his assassination the day before.

 Now, black and white people are equal. Martin Luther King Jr. also stated; "I have a dream; that my dear little children; will grow up in a nation; that judge people not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their hearts." He is my hero!!!!!!

Now, we can go to the same schools as whites. No big deal. Back then, we weren't even allowed to eat in the same restaurant.  Today was not the day he was born or assassinated, but just the day we celebrate him. Please, research him; he changed history.


Cecile Rey                

Another Stop-Motion: Dancing AG

We have updated the page, "My Stopmotions!"
Please go visit all the amazing stop-motions! We have more, but we only have 3 on there. Mom will have to upload ALL of her stop-motions on there!
And, this is the stop-motion here, just for good measure. ;)

Please comment and tell us what you think!!

(with Josefina and Cecile!)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

How To Make AG Doll Envelopes

WRITE LETTER'S TO YOUR AMERICAN GIRL DOLLS!!!! It's SO much fun, and you can have them write back!!!! Making envelopes are super duper easy too! Just watch the video below, and have a new Pen Pal!

Good bye, girls!


P.S. OOPS! I forgot the video! LOL! here it is.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cecile's Destiny In Her Necklace

No February 2013. No waiting two more weeks.  No eyes popping out of their sockets in waiting.  Guess who helped mom after dinner? Mom's awesome dad, even though he was really busy!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Dad: You're killing me here, smalls. ;)
Madison: I'll resurrect you from the dead if you help me! If you're not too busy.
Dad: OK.... all the workers went home anyway. Let me sit down.......

and then that's how it all started. Pepare to see some awesomeness, and occasional hands. And feet. Mom did great at the movie, but her hands and feet wanted to steal the spotlight, too! Yikes. Aaaaaaanyway, ONTO ZE MOVIE!!!!

The welcome music playing at the beginning of the movie is "Can I have more of You" by Kim Walker, a worship leader, part of the band "Jesus Culture." The ending music (when all the credits play) is "I surrender" also by Kim Walker.

Note: Jezzabelle is NOT chosen for Josefina's name in the movie because mom was referring to Jezzabelle from the Bible; Just a name mom had to come up with in, like, a second. She had no script or anything!


~Molly, Cecile, Josefina and Madison

Friday, January 18, 2013


Hello girls, it's me Molly!!! We just got done filming an AG movie!!! It's called, "Cecile's destiny in her necklace"!!! We got all the scenes done, know we just have to make them run together and add music and text. But we need a newer version of IMovie to do that, and my mom's dad has a big project going on right now so he won't be able to help for about two weeks. BUT, with the IMovie that we do have, we made an advertisement! And mom is already thinking of making a prequel for Cecile's destiny in her necklace. DON'T GET ANY IDEAS, MOM!!!!

Well, here is the advertisement!!!!

The music playing is "Mystery" by Misty Edwards.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Josefina Goes Modern

Hola! Hello! It is Josefina here. I have decided to put on some modern clothes. Join me!

 Me: AHA! There you are! Come join me on my quest to put on some modern things.

 Umm.....uhh....er......ehh.... HELP!

 OK! NOW it's off! FINALLY!

 Aren't I gorgeous?!

Me: Says who?

Now, I have some modern things to wear! Molly is going about the house, yelling like she's crazy. I mean, seriously; WHO SAYS I CAN'T WEAR PLAID, STRIPED AND SPOTTED TOGETHER?!

Oh, well. Adios, amigas! Goodbye, girls!

~Anonymous person named Josefina.........

**Update on mom's injury: Mama says it's all better. She took the butterfly bandage off, and know we just have to wait and see how it heals. Mama thinks there is going to be a tiny scar there. :( ***

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Dolls Eat Out

Bonjour! It is I, the one and only Cecile Rey! Today, me and my sister Josefina went out to eat. Molly said she had to go to her 'job'. She has a job?! That I did not know. Anyways, on to the pictures!!

"A Table for two," I asked politely as we entered the "Doll Tea Boutique". "Right this way," the waitress responded. I almost choked with laughter. Molly was the waitress! She knew we were doing a photo-story today and probably wanted to help out. And now, here was the waitress, clearly known as Molly. How funny! 

 The waitress handed us our menus and then said she'd be back in a few minutes.

 Sure enough, in a few minutes, there she was. "Are you ready to order?" our waitress asked.

A quick look at the menu told me all I needed to know. I ran the order over Josefina to make sure she agreed with what we were ordering. "We'll each take the peas, carrots and steak special, please." I ordered. "And just ice water to drink." The waitress scribbled the order down in her notepad and announced, "Coming right up!"

 After chatting for a few minutes with Josefina about the long walk on over here, the waitress returned with our food. "Yummy!" I exclaimed. "Merci!"

Soon, the peas, carrots and steak were devoured. The "Doll Tea Boutique" deserved a five-star rating in my opinion!

 I paid for the meal, then left the dishes for the waitress to come and pick up.

 And I left a tip on the table for the waitress; Molly sure appreciated that!

Au Reviour! (Aw-reh-vwahr) Goodbye! Hope you liked it, girls. We loved our time out together, and Molly liked being waitress-for-a-day! ;)

Merci for reading!

(with Josefina and Molly!)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, LET IT SNOW!

IT SNOWED!!!! YAY!!! Mom already took Cecile out when it snowed on Christmas day, so now it's MY TURN. I went out in the snow on Christmas of 2011, though. Poor Josefina, she's never been out in the snow before! Hopefully we can take her out in the snow next time it snows. Well, who's ready for a video and some pictures? I CAN TELL YOU I AM!!! ;)

Oh, I love video's!

 I spy somebody's hand! ;)

 SNOW! It used to be much prettier before mom and her brother trampled it xD


We wanted to make a doll-sized snowman, but the snow wouldn't stick into balls. :( Never-the-less, we had an amazing time eating snow, and ice-sakting (sort of. There was this but inflatable pool filled with water, and it froze went the snow came. I wanted to 'ice-skate' on it, but I didn't have ice-skates and we didn't take a picture.)

But when I fell down and got snow in my hair, we knew it was probably time to hurry back inside. Mom's toes were freezing, and my hair felt wet. (Molly's Mom (Madison): Molly, it was not wet. I brushed it off soon enough! ;) ) So, we came inside. My mom had math problems to do. 'WHY DOES A SNOW DAY HAVE TO BE ON A HOMESCHOOL DAY?!' says my mom. ;)

That's pretty much it, girls! What do you think of the snow?

Update on mom's injury: 'Much better, like yesterday,' my mom says. We need to get the butterfly bandage off TODAY so my mom's dad can check on it. That's about it! Molly the AG news reporter, SIGNING OFF!! ;)

Hope you liked it!  Is it snowing in your area? :)


Olly Molly :)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Cousins Come to Stay

Last week, my mom's cousins came over to stay for a couple days. It's been a week since they've visited, but this post was only delayed because of mom's injury. :(

 Little Joshua!!!! He is SO adorable. Mommy: Can you smile for the camera, Josh?

 T.J.!!! Hey, T.J. Big smiles for mom's blog!!!!

 After the photo's were taken of the 'stars', mom's brother and T.J. played some LEGO's! They make GREAT building blocks for American Girl dolls.

 While the cousins did their thing, my mom decided I should practice riding on Gingersnap.

I changed outfits. I thought this one looked much better for horseback riding. It is SO adorable! And guess what? It was mom's cousins (the same ones staying here!!) who gave it to my mom for Christmas. There was a matching one for my mom!!! :) :) :)

That's about it, girls. Hope you enjoyed! My mom and her brother had so much fun with TJ and Joshua! Playing the Wii, watching TV until we fell asleep...it was great. :)

Update on mom's injury: It's doing much, much better. She can run around now. The butterfly bandage (a substitute for a stitch;  my mom didn't want a stitch! BUTTERFLY BANDAGE FOR HER!) should fall off in the shower any day now. Then, my mom's dad can check on it and see how it's doing.

For those of you who didn't know, mom busted her head on the corner of a desk reaching for some play-doh on the ground. It needed a stitch, but my mom was like "NO WAY," so we went with a home-made butterfly bandage with a regular bandage on top of it.

Well, that's it for today girls. Hopefully some fun photo-stories and crafts coming up soon!!! :)


Olly-Molly and Madison (Molly's mom)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

We Come Home from Doll School!

After a long dreary day of school, I can post! My mom is home-schooled, and when she gets her work done, she teaches us public-school. So we're sort of home-schooled, sort of public-schooled!

 Josefina groaned. "I failed my spelling test! Oh, Americano's words are so different.

 "It is alright, Josefina. You will learn soon, mon amie. (my friend) American words are hard for me also, but I learn." Cecile soothed.

 I grinned, hopping on my bed. "At least I made Science! Yikes, I had it confused between a tendon and a tendant! lol." Josefina sighed. "I FAILED science!"
I then replied, "It's alright, Josefina. You've had so much housework to do and so little time to study. I am sure Mama will understand."

 "Besides, you don't have to talk to her. I'm going to change into my play shoes and go to Mama and show her Molly-Anne's new outfit. I'll talk to her then." Josefina nodded gratefully. "Gracias," she whispered, forgetting to speak in English.

I carefully picked up Molly-Anne and slipped my winter boots on. I went to find Mama in the kitchen, making french bread, a treat for Cecile. I talked to her, and she understood. She said that Cecile and I should take on more responsibility. Not the kind of answer I wanted! ;) Oh well. At least Josefina will have more time to study tonight.

That's it, girls! Our second day of Doll School. Maybe in the next post, you'll see us actually DOING school! No promises, but a definite consideration!

So; Whaddya think of our little post today? Any recommendations for the next post? Any ideas on crafts, photo-stories, etc? Don't be afraid to share your ideas, we'd love to hear from you; Just comment below! :D


Olly Molly
(with Josie and Cece!)

Monday, January 7, 2013

American Girl Things Came in the Mail Today!

Hello dollies and their mommies!

Sorry, my mom had to take a break from all 'screens' for a week so I couldn't post.

Anyway, my mom ordered some American Girl things with her Christmas money!

Please watch the video below that my mommy made!

We made a much longer video of Mommy actually opening her AG stuff, but it was too long to send. Grr. ;) But hey, what's better than videos? PICTURES! We didn't think about taking pictures of her opening her AG stuff, by Cece and Josie just HAD to model!

 Cecile: Hello Miss person staring at the screen. I am curtseying which is the polite thing to do when you meet someone.

 Cecile: My Summer Dress has these three items. My Beautiful yellow dress, with a blue bow and blue ruffles. A pretty sun-bonnet with designs on the inside, and white shoes with black buttons! All framed for the time of 1853. :)

 Josefina: Hola, me amiga, Hello my friend. My School Outfit contains three pieces: A white, traditional blouse, or camisa, and long, blue-and-white striped skirt, and a red sash. No under-garments, they come as part of the Josefina doll and book.

Oh, Lo siento! I'm sorry! I almost forgot my curtsey. :)

Well, that's it, girls! I'll be posting more this week!


Olly Molly