Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cecile's Destiny In Her Necklace

No February 2013. No waiting two more weeks.  No eyes popping out of their sockets in waiting.  Guess who helped mom after dinner? Mom's awesome dad, even though he was really busy!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Dad: You're killing me here, smalls. ;)
Madison: I'll resurrect you from the dead if you help me! If you're not too busy.
Dad: OK.... all the workers went home anyway. Let me sit down.......

and then that's how it all started. Pepare to see some awesomeness, and occasional hands. And feet. Mom did great at the movie, but her hands and feet wanted to steal the spotlight, too! Yikes. Aaaaaaanyway, ONTO ZE MOVIE!!!!

The welcome music playing at the beginning of the movie is "Can I have more of You" by Kim Walker, a worship leader, part of the band "Jesus Culture." The ending music (when all the credits play) is "I surrender" also by Kim Walker.

Note: Jezzabelle is NOT chosen for Josefina's name in the movie because mom was referring to Jezzabelle from the Bible; Just a name mom had to come up with in, like, a second. She had no script or anything!


~Molly, Cecile, Josefina and Madison


  1. and btw the evil kidnappers are lying when they say they tested 'the box' on her mom!

  2. I liked the movie. :)
    I might try to make a movie. Starring Mattie, Julie and Molly. :) (My Molly.)

  3. Thanks!! :)
    You so should! They are super easy.......until you have to download them and add music and stuff. xD

  4. THAT WAS AWESOME! your really good at making movies


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