Sunday, January 20, 2013

How To Make AG Doll Envelopes

WRITE LETTER'S TO YOUR AMERICAN GIRL DOLLS!!!! It's SO much fun, and you can have them write back!!!! Making envelopes are super duper easy too! Just watch the video below, and have a new Pen Pal!

Good bye, girls!


P.S. OOPS! I forgot the video! LOL! here it is.


  1. Cute. I like to make envelopes a different way that is easier but if I want a fancy one I will use this design!!!!

  2. Thanks! Really? Could you show us your way? That would be so cool!

  3. Cute video! love this Idea!

    I try to make some sometime!

    Tell all your dolls there Awesome!

    Love Hannah M.

  4. Madison: Thanks so much, Hannah!! My dolls all say thank you!!!! :)


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