Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The End of April - A Delightful World of Dolls Recap!

Wow! Is it the end of April already?! It seems like just yesterday when we had made that Happy April Fools Day post. Today we're doing a 'recap' of our most popular posts from this month....Starting with the least to greatest. :)

However, even though we list how many pageviews each post has, it means that's how many that post has CURRENTLY. There will be even more in the future!

Molly Tries Out Her New Rollerskates - it's gotten 36 pageviews! Be sure to check it out... 

Molly Tries Out Her New Rollerskates! (click the link)

Then comes A Brand New Day - an AGSM, beating 'Molly Tries Out Her New Rollerskates' by just one pageview, meaning this baby's got 37 pageviews. A Brand New Day - an AGSM

Then comes How To Make A Doll Ballet Outfit Without Spending A Cent with 50 pageviews! Did you hear that? 50 PAGEVIEWS! 

And looky here - for the greatest, most popular post at the time being......Molly's Birthday Party!! With 53 pageviews!!! :O

Well we hoped you have enjoyed this month at Delightful World of Dolls. There are many more to come, and we look forward to spending them with our readers, commenters and followers!

~Thank YOU for making Delightful World of Dolls the best it can be!

~Molly and Madison, with Josefina, Cecile, Coconut and Molly-Anne!

Hair Style Of The Week - by Josefina

Hola! Josefina Montoya here. Today I'm doing something called style of the week. Here you can see a fun, new style you can try on your American Girl(or any other kind)doll! :D

Today's style is called...the spider braid! ;) (looks like 'dread locks', but IT'S NOT.)

1. Take a small section of your dolls hair and lightly mist it with water, and brush it out.

2. Separate that section into three(3) smaller ones.

3. Cross the section on the far right over the middle section and pull. 

4.Cross the section on the far left over the middle section, and pull.

Continue until you have the desired length of your braid. Tie off with a hair elastic (we're running out so we used a piece of string ;P). Then repeat steps 1-4 until you have covered your dolls whole head. 

There you are! The 'spider' braid! ;P We hope you enjoyed HairStyle of the week :)



(Thanks so much to Abbie at http://madnessandfun.blogspot.com/, aghomeschool.boardhost.com and madnessandfunwiththedolls.blogspot.com for watermarking our photo's! Someone's been stealing our blog posts so we figured it was just about time to start watermarking our photo's, but we've been really busy, so Abbie's doing them for the time being! Be sure to check out her two blogs and message board and maybe even follow and comment!!)

Monday, April 29, 2013

A Brand New Day - A Short Story of Gratitude, an AGSM

Who's ready for a stopmotion? This one is called A Brand New Day - A Short Story of Gratitude. Let's watch this and all remember we're not just here to live life.


Cecile and Molly :)

Saturday, April 27, 2013

How To Make A Doll Ballet Outfit - WITHOUT SPENDING A CENT!!

Here's how to make a doll ballet outfit - free and easy, but just a little time consuming!

Enjoy!!! :) the music is Dance by Jesus Culture :)
(HERE'S THE LINK TO MAKING THE 'LEOTARD'  http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DYh6JUI7wsQ)


Molly and Madison

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Molly Tries Out Her New Rollerskates!

With my new roller skates and helmet I got for my birthday (see previous post :)) I decided I could try them out! I skated and skated. 

If you plan on getting Julie's Roller Skates from American Girl, we recommend them 100%.... Lightweight, comes with cute socks, THEY ACTUALLY ROLL, and are just ADORABLE!!

I was going to jump over that old nail over there!


Plump. Ouch...I landed on my bottom, slipping on my roller skates. I was startled, but I didn't cry. I let out a shaky breath, glad that I had a helmet on in case I would've bonked my head! I got back up again.

So if your dolls wants some roller skates, don't spend more money and buy inline skates with a helmet and gear and everything....save money and buy Julie's roller skates, and make a helmet buy grabbing a small bowl and ribbon, and make knee/elbow pads by simply wrapping some Velcro around your knees or elbows. (I went without safety pads :))

Have fun rollerskating! :D

(and don't try to jump over anything unless you have a coach or parent watching you ;))


    Molly :)

Molly's Birthday Party!

Here's her birthday video...Happy (two days late) birthday, Molly! LOL!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Runaway Coco...part 4(four)!

Coconut here!

After dashing up the stairs to get away from those mean Barbies wanting to roast me and scare their little sister, I stopped to rest.

All of the sudden, one AG doll appeared on rollerskates and picked me up! MOLLY!!! boy was I ever glad to see her. I truly regretted running away, missing her birthday, and letting her down.

"Coconut," she breathed, sitting down and setting me on her lap. "Why did you run away?"

I just licked her face as if to say, "I'm sorry!" she nestled her face in my soft, warm for. "Oh, I missed you SO much. Don't ou ever run away like that again!"

Then she roller-skated with me in her hands home, to a house of happy dolls and a warm home.

I'm loved. 

Never running away.


And hope YOU never will.



Molly's Earthday Birthday!

Today's Earth day, AND Molly's birthday! :) Video coming up soon of her birthday party. Happy birthday, all you Molly's out there!

~Madison, Josefina and Cecile:)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Runaway Coco...part three(3)!

Where we left off, I was leaning against the side of the car, thinking how my life was a mess.......

I heard a noise. Two BARBIES! Uh oh. I had heard about Barbies from Molly, Cecile and Josefina. Just thinking about them made me tear up. Did they miss me? Were they worried sick about me? Were they just carrying on their everyday lives? The blonde Barbie interrupted my thoughts. "Hey, a wounded AG dog! You know how amazing this will scare my little sister? It's perfect. C'mon, later we can have some roast dog and scare Johanna with that! HAHA!" Did you hear that? They were planning on eating me! I didn't even have time to fight the hands reaching down for my collar and tying a rope around me. I was SOOOO scared!

The brunette Barbie was laughing her head off. "Yeah, it will scare Johanna! This is going to be perfect, Hazel."

Uh oh! The rope was attached to my collar and 'Hazel' had a firm grip on it. What could I do now? Let the rest of my doggy days be served on a table? No thank you! Finally regaining some sense in me I realized I was hundreds of pounds heavier and stronger than a Barbie, and made a run for it!

The leash burst out of Hazel's hands as I sped off, flinging Hazel to the ground in dispair. "YOU MUTT!!!! GET BACK HERE!!!!!" she screamed after me. I paid no attention at all as I broke out of there, having no idea where I was heading or aware of what was ahead of me.


Have you experienced a tragedy or your dog running away before?

~Abusefully yours,


(feels nice having this blog all to yourself instead of my owners, the AG dolls, right? heh heh.)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Runaway Coco...part 2(two)

ARRRF! RUFF RUFF! Coconut here again. I will tell you part two of my adventure. It is quite sad.

As we left off, I had jumped into the doll's car. I was running away since no one had time for me anymore!! :(

Stairs? Gulp...I hadn't thought of this. Well, what choice but to go down? I had to get out of here somehow.

there was an explosion of upset barks as the car rattled down the steps, clanging, turning over, and almost flying me out of the window! :O

BANG. The car flew through the air and landed with a crash on it's side. I was flung to the bottom of the car, which caused a concussion to my head. Weary and defeated, I slid down to faint. 


After what felt like hours later, I woke up drowsily. 

The cameraman searched everywhere for me in the car. I could tell he was thinking that this was one amazing photo-story...but it was real. our lives played out infront of the camera man. 

Finally I crept out from underneath where the dolls put their feet, and looked drowsily around. I blinked a couple of times, them became aware of my surroundings. I felt queasy, but I had to run away fast! The dolls would be searching for me any minute. 

I took a courageous step forward....then wince and lept back painfully. My paw! Oh, what in the name of AG doggies has happened to my paw? I looked at it...all black and blue. Had I fractured myself? I leaned against the top of the car and slid down regretfully.

My life was a mess.


~ Abuse-fully yours,

Coconut :( 

Runaway Coco...part 1(one)

Arf Arf! Coconut here! Yes, I'm her, the famous Coco. People mistake me for a boy. But really, I'm just a girl doggy that acts like a tomboy! Anyways, today I was just sitting in my doghouse, playing with my chew toy, when I started to really want to actually play with a human being. Cecile was over there on her bed, maybe she could play with me?

                                                                I ventured out to see.

"RRRRRUFFF! RUFF RUFF, ARF!" I barked. "Coco, I'm trying to sleep," murmured Cecile, turning on her side.

"Arf, arf woooooff?" I asked Molly who was practicing her splits with her coach, Josefina. "Coconut!" she scolded. "You know you can't be in the gym. Shoo, shoo." 

Hurt, abused and mistreated, I angrily thought up a plan to get revenge on the dolls. I'd runaway! Aha! That's it. Then they'd truly regret mistreating their beloved Coco!

I leaped to a window and opened it.

Too bad their was a thingy blocking me from jumping out. Oh well. 

I leaped onto the doll's car. Aha! I'd drive away! That would show them. 


What do you think of the Runaway Coco series? Do you have a pet that wants to play and feels left-out?


Coco :(

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Creative Craft Corner - Make A Doll Microphone!

 Hello all! The lovely Josefina here! What do y'all say to another CCC, showing you how to make a simple doll microphone? I don't know about you, but I'd say GO FOR IT!

So today you'll need a paper plate, black paint, a cotton ball and a small marker, plus a parent's permission.

Now, dollies, PLEASE don't tell me you were planning on making this on your own. You will need your owner/human/mom to do this for you.

Madison(mom) here: So take your cotton ball and go crazy with the black paint. Get it nice and black!

Nice and nice and black!

Stick it onto your small marker just like that.

                                           Lean it against your paint bottle to dry overnight.

                                  You can also tape around it so nobody can tell it's a marker!

                                                                  Back to Josefina:

So you'll go from being a normal AG doll to a famous pop star singing for thousands of people! ;)

Hope ya'll enjoyed this craft. We sure did!

~Josefina and Madison

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pray for Boston

PRAY FOR BOSTON! A few days ago, at a marathon in Boston, Massachusetts, explosives were set off and twenty-seven(27) children were injured, plus three(3) people died. Send a prayer and stand together....together we can make a difference! We are all praying for Boston, that injured ones will be recovered soon and peace comes into the homes of the people who lost a loved one. Let's stand together, send a prayer and make a difference.

~Molly, Cecile, Josefina, Coconut, Molly-Anne and Madison

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Shout-Out Your Doll Site!

Hey girls! We're going to be doing a new thing called shout out your doll site. We love looking at other girls blogs--but they don't seem to have many comments or views! SO we're doing this thing were you can comment with the link to your doll site (or AG message board, or favorite doll site, etc) and we'll add it on here! Today, we're doing the shout-out with ME!!!

SUPER MOLLY!!!! Flying through the air to save her world from great dangers, dangerously dangerous super-villains and her beloved animals! She flies, leaps, and jumps through the air! *trumpet blast* Surely it can be no other than SUPER MOLLY!!!!

LOL ;)

So comment with your doll site or favorite doll site! Please, only links to site related to dolls or American Girl.
We'd also love if you'd put our site on your site (if you have one) also! :)



Sited added:
Abbie's site, http://madnessandfun.blogspot.com/

Abbie's doll's site, http://madnessandfunwiththedolls.blogspot.com/

Layla W's site, http://countrygirlstudios.blogspot.com/

Kananirulz's site, http://dollsondablog.blogspot.com/

Meg's dolls blog, http://sixdollssixtimesthefun.blogspot.com/

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Vivans's doll's site, AGdollfunwiththedolls.blogspot.com

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AmericanGirlFan1010's blog, http://www.DelightfulDolly.blogspot.com

Jackie's messageboard, agisawesome.boardhost.com

Monday, April 15, 2013

Doll School

Hey, girls! Today we had school...Madison(mom) as the teacher! Share our adventure with us!

We all dressed in outfits appropriate for a school day--Me in my meet outfit with a hat much like my accessory one except it's red, Cecile in her summer outfit, and Josefina in her school outfit (lol) and her robozo. We all had bags for carrying our snack in. Then, we all had to get to school which was in the living room. 

Josefina on the second oldest transportation--horses! (the oldest use of transportation is walking)

Cecile and I in the most modern-- cars. (ok, maybe jeeps are not the most modern means of transportation, but you still get the idea.)
"Now, don't go too fast, or your bags will spill out of the back." mom warned us. "Yes mom," we said in unison, half-listening. 

We were going slow until we saw Josie. We could beat her! I pushed the gas pedal with all my might. "See yaaaaaa!" I called out as we sped passed her, upsetting Gingersnap (the horse) and almost knocking Josefina off. "Oops, my bad!" Cecile cried out, and then we burst into a fit of giggles. Josefina was shouting something. "Cecile! Molly! You forgot your--" and then we were too far away to here her.

We parked by the classroom, giggling over how we had beat Josie.

 We hung our hats up and waited for slow poke Josie to get here. Finally she came and hung her hat up, then sat down at another table. Then she hung her bag up. Bag. Bag....there was something missing. With the word bag...I was confused. All of the sudden it hit me like a rock. Uh oh.

"Students," Miss Madison(mom) called out. "Please hang up your bags." Josefina had already hung up hers. "Cecile? Molly? Please hang up your bags," Miss Madison repeated. 

Josefina's pretty purple bag.

I squirmed in my seat. Josefina had shouted and tried to tell us we had forgotten our bags. I looked at Cecile uneasily. Cecile looked at me, too. "Umm....we forgot our bags," she finally said. "Really? How could you have forgot your bags? When you left home you had them," Miss Madison questioned. I spoke up this time. "Well, we, um...kinda sped up on the way, trying to beat Josie, which had upset Gingersnap, and on the way our bags fell out of our car." Miss Madison told us to go get our bags and then apologize to Josie.

We hurried to search for our bags driving down the road. Because of this, we were late. The wind had blown our bags farther down the road (the window was open). 

Because we were late we had to sit in the corner while Josefina got to draw.  Then we apologized to Josie and took our seats. Josefina was always loving and forgiving so she kept on saying, "Oh it's alright! It's fine!" 

We started with math.

 Then we had spelling and penmanship practice.

And we had a snack afterwards! Yummy banana's! Miss Madison (mom) doesn't really like banana's. WHO COULDN'T LIKE BANANA'S?!?!?!!!

 Science was all about butterflies! We named different kinds, then played a butterfly game, and then matched the butterfly stickers with their shadow on the paper.

 And then we colored a picture of the world for Social studies/geography.

And then, ugh, we had to work on memorizing cursive letters. I don't like cursive very much...print is the way to write! Who's' with me?!

We packed up our homework, then read from the Bible, and then.....

We all had to use the bathroom before we left.

Josefina then gathered her robozo and bag, then climbed up onto Gingersnap. She galloped off, wild and free. We had to stay and let mom tell us why it was important not to startle Gingersnap, lose our bags and try to compete with our siblings. 

Then we gathered our belongings and drove (slowly) home!

A pretty good beginning of the school week, I guess you could say. How was yours? Mom is so lucky...she's home-schooled. But then that means she has more time to public-school us! Yikes! Who doesn't want to have less school? ;)

Hope ya'll are having a great day!


Molly, Josefina and Cecile
(with Miss Madison the teacher! lol)