Sunday, April 21, 2013

Runaway Coco...part three(3)!

Where we left off, I was leaning against the side of the car, thinking how my life was a mess.......

I heard a noise. Two BARBIES! Uh oh. I had heard about Barbies from Molly, Cecile and Josefina. Just thinking about them made me tear up. Did they miss me? Were they worried sick about me? Were they just carrying on their everyday lives? The blonde Barbie interrupted my thoughts. "Hey, a wounded AG dog! You know how amazing this will scare my little sister? It's perfect. C'mon, later we can have some roast dog and scare Johanna with that! HAHA!" Did you hear that? They were planning on eating me! I didn't even have time to fight the hands reaching down for my collar and tying a rope around me. I was SOOOO scared!

The brunette Barbie was laughing her head off. "Yeah, it will scare Johanna! This is going to be perfect, Hazel."

Uh oh! The rope was attached to my collar and 'Hazel' had a firm grip on it. What could I do now? Let the rest of my doggy days be served on a table? No thank you! Finally regaining some sense in me I realized I was hundreds of pounds heavier and stronger than a Barbie, and made a run for it!

The leash burst out of Hazel's hands as I sped off, flinging Hazel to the ground in dispair. "YOU MUTT!!!! GET BACK HERE!!!!!" she screamed after me. I paid no attention at all as I broke out of there, having no idea where I was heading or aware of what was ahead of me.


Have you experienced a tragedy or your dog running away before?

~Abusefully yours,


(feels nice having this blog all to yourself instead of my owners, the AG dolls, right? heh heh.)


  1. You poor little thing! Those evil barbies are SO mean and heartless! They are NOTHING like my barbies! I want to come take you home with me Coconut! I feel so sorry for you :(

    1. Coconut: Thank you thank you!! :D *feels happy*

  2. Coco: Hi! I'm one of twin Coconuts!
    Nuttie: And I'm the other Coconut! We, too, have had some experiences with Barbies.........*shudders*

    1. Yes Barbie's have their days....

  3. AW!! those barbies are heartless! wanting to eat coconut!

    I can't still can't belive that the girls (the dolls) would be nice to coconut! oh please please let things get better!

    LOve Hannah

    1. I know right? :(

      Things will turn around in part 4! :D

  4. Oh no!! Can't wait for part4!

  5. Hi!
    I wrote to you on "About Us" again ;)


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