Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pray for Boston

PRAY FOR BOSTON! A few days ago, at a marathon in Boston, Massachusetts, explosives were set off and twenty-seven(27) children were injured, plus three(3) people died. Send a prayer and stand together....together we can make a difference! We are all praying for Boston, that injured ones will be recovered soon and peace comes into the homes of the people who lost a loved one. Let's stand together, send a prayer and make a difference.

~Molly, Cecile, Josefina, Coconut, Molly-Anne and Madison


  1. I heard about this. It is so sad and horrible :(
    I'll be praying for them!
    You are so thoughtful!

  2. I heard about it too! I heard a boy my brothers age died!

  3. Ohh wow! thats horrible! i ll pray! its good that you posted this! otherwise i never wouldv'e known!

    Me and my doll emily are praying!

    Love love hannah and emily

  4. We will pray,I'll make a post on my MB.

  5. It's that they've totaled it all up, it's actually 100 and 27! :O :(


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