Monday, April 8, 2013

Creative Craft Corner!!

Hello all! The lovely Cecile here, coming to present to you another of our Creative Craft Corner's! 

Today, we are showing you all how to make your own doll-sized pencils, out of only three(3) things you may already hace on hand! (and at the end of our post, a bonus craft!)

                                                                     You will need:

* a shish-ka-bob stick (not pictured)
* Scissors 
*And a parent to help if you need it.

First, take out your scissors and your shish-ka-bob stick. With your scissors and a parents help if it's difficult, cut your shish-ka-bob stick in half. You can use the non-pointy end for another craft if you'd like, but we need the point half for this craft.

Here comes the FUN part! Get out your crayons and color the following:

Color the pointy end black,

The rest of it yellow,

And the end of it pink or red for the 'eraser'!

There you go! Your own doll-sized pencil that wont cost you a cent!

  We hope you had fun crafting with us today! You can experiment with different colors for colored pencils if you'd like. If you made one of our crafts, we'd love to know!

For a bonus craft, click here to make your own doll swimsuit and swimsuit wrap out of a loose sock! (we made ours out of some tights)

Molly's lookin' good!

Well, that's all the crafting for now. Come back soon for more crafts in the future!


Cecile the Crafter ;)

(with Molly, Madison and Josefina too! ;))


  1. Wow! i love the swimsuit idea! it would look good as a leotaard to!! i love both these crafts! i was NOT expecting for the bonus craft to be a swimsuit! so cute!

    Love Hannah

    1. Lol thank you Hannah! hahaWe loved surprising our readers with the bonus craft ;) You're right! It can double as a leotard!

      ~Molly and Madison


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