Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy April Fools Day! :)

Hello, everyone! Molly here. Oh, I hardly noticed you, I was so deep in this magazine I am reading...

Well, we aren't posting anything nice for April Fools Day. Just a simple hi.
Haha! Fooled you! We're doing a whole post for April Fools Day! ;)

Anyway, how is your April Fools Day? hahaWe fooled a lot of people, ourselves even! LOL! Me and Josie played a simple prank on Cece....we made her some popcorn, then painted our hands to look like 5-headed worms! We cut a hole trough the bottom of the bowl and stuck our hands in the bottom of it. We held it as Cecile reached for some. Cecile ate a couple of pieces, then screamed when she saw our hands wiggling!

She got us back by giving us some she handed them to us, one of the flowers wasn't really a flower at all...a tube that looked like a flower...that squirted water at us! LOLOL!

Cecile came in to see what I was reading. "Happy April Fools Day!" I exclaimed, looking up from the magazine. Cecile smiled and sat down next to me. "You really gave me the creeps when you pulled that little prank on me!" she laughed, replaying the moment. "You should've seen the look on your face," I grinned.

Josefina came in, too. "You should've seen the look on your faces when that water splat you right in the nose!" Cecile shook her head. "I thought you had choked on the water or something! But I guess you girls had fooled me...haha! Happy April Fools Day, everyone." Josefina giggled, remembering the funny pranks we had pulled and gotten, then sat down, peering over my shoulder to look at what I was reading. "Aww, those little birds look adorable," Josefina exclaimed as she read that AG was showing us how to make little pom-pom birdies and nests.

Well, Happy April Fools Day, everyone! Did you fool anybody? Feel free to share your hilarious moments with us! :)


Molly, Josefina and Cecile
(with some help from Madison, of course ;))


  1. LOLOLOL! I can't get anyone today. Oh well :(
    I do have some news though! I'm going to Texas soon to visit some family!!! Maybe we could meet up!!!
    LOLOL! Sorry- April Fools! :P :D XD

    1. LOLOL!!! Happy April Fools! :)

      And if we could meet up that would be SO cool!!! :D :D

      Lol xD

      ~Molly and Madison :)

    2. I know, it would! I have a feeling we'd have alot of fun together! :D

    3. We would! :D OR WE COUDL MEET UP AT THE AGP AND BRING OUR DOLLS :O Not all of them of course xD

      (and Molly getting her hopes up! Girl you shouldn't be looking over my shoulder... xD)

    4. I know!! Wait- you realize it was a joke, right? I'm starting to feel bad! Please say you know it was a joke!!! :(
      It would be fun though! Hey! you should come to the AGP LA! LOL!

    5. Lol I did know it was a joke! xD Molly didn't though. Molly: I KNEW IT WAS A JOKE HEHE! Me: lol
      Yeah it would've been fun though! xD xD xD If I ever went to LA I would totally go to the AGP there! xD

      (New blog post just made!)

    6. Oh, ok good!! I was getting worried! Aw, poor little confused Molly :( LOL!
      YAY! Then we COULD meet up! LOL!


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