Saturday, April 6, 2013

Molly-Anne in the Jungle!

Hehehe! Molly-Anne here(Mini Molly) the jungle! Come with me and share my amazing jungle adventure!!!

I'm sliding down the rails to get downstairs.

Wheeeeeee! Almost there!

 Outside at last!

How green these plants are!!!!

This exotic plant must've come all the way from China! In fact, it has a very interesting name. Weed.

I tried to climb this small tree, but it was pointy! Ouch! It also has a weird name. Weed. Two weeds? interesting!

A little ways from the pointy tree was a rock. Hmm, a rest would be nice, I realized.

Ahhhh! Looking at the pretty, exotic scenery.

A very rare bug! It has a VERY interesting name! Roly-poly! It is very exotic indeed.

Well finally I decided to make shapes out of clouds so I gathered up some dry leaved and laid down, looking up at the sky (I was in the shade, don't worry I didn't hurt my eyes by looking at the sun)

Another tall weed! It doesn't look rare at all! They have 'em all over the place! I wonder...

I ventured over to a swing. 

 Under the swing, I realized something....quick sand! Yikes!! I was SINKING!!! It's weird, people call this mud. "It's actually quicksand," I tell them. Scrambling out of the quicksand, I sighed with relief, that had been a close one.

 I rested under a fort.

 Isn't this wonderful?

Sooner or later, I heard buzzing. LOUD buzzing. I looked up to see a nest swarming with wasps the size of my head! I let out a high-pitched screech that pierced the air as I scrambled to get out of there as fast as I could.

I threw myself onto the rock, my heart beating quickly and my breathing hard. What a scare I had!

Deciding I had enough adventure for one day, I posed myself in front of the wall just beside the door. Waving bye, I scurried inside--thankfully, we hardly ever have wasps inside!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my adventure in the jungle! It's strange, humans call it backyards. I think jungle is much more exotic, rare and interesting than plain old 'backyard'. 


Molly-Anne :)


  1. That was SO cute and funny!! I loved it!! "And this is a rare plant. It's name is "Weed"." LOLOL! You're so adorable Molly-Anne :D

    1. LOL thanks! ;)

      ~Molly and Madison

      I'M ADORABLE!!!!!!! ~Molly-Anne

  2. Mini Sam: Hi Molly-Anne! Once before we moved (all us minis except Ivy, Elizabeth, and 25th anniversary Sam rode in a box with all our furniture to the new house) me and some of the others went outside.. I had this pet there that one time. Apparently its name was "Worm". Weird. Me and Kit once tried to do some songs from our humans' VBS program in summer. A quote from Kit: "We can't do Deep 'cause we don't have knees!"

    (the VBS was Operation Overboard, the song was Deep, Deep, Deep)


    1. Mini Sam: Based on what I've seen from the window, the new house's "backyard" is full of gigantic trees, two picnic tables, LOTS OF STRANGE PLANTS, and a big swing. One of these days I must investigate.

    2. Hi Mini Sam!!! Woah, 'worm' does sound weird!!! Hmm... interesting backyard! You really should explore, but watch out for WASPS!! :O


  3. yesterday i took some pics of my mini molly of her doing gymnastics in her leotard i made her! heh it was funny how she thought some thig were so exzotic and rare!

    Love Hannah m=

    1. That's awesome, Hannah! Lol we thought it was funny too ;)

      ~Molly and Madison (and Molly-Anne! ;))

  4. Wow, we have those same rare plants named Weed in our backyard too, maybe I will have to get some photo's with them too. lol

    Mini Seamist

    1. LOL! :)

      ~Molly and Madison, with of course Molly-Anne

  5. Cute! My bday was a week ago but, here's what I got!:

    Marie-Graces nightgown
    Doll hair kit
    Mini Rebecca (Beckie)
    OG all baby dolled up outfit
    A Barbie doll set
    McKenna shoots for the stars movie
    Springfield tankini & sarong (for doll)
    Bathing suit (for me, not matching dolls)
    Doll sized books and stickers to put in the books
    My life as... Wheelchair set

    And I got 3 more things at my party here in Canada!

    I love pets pjs
    Marie-Graces skirt set

    I changed Marie-Grace to grace cause Marie means bitterness and rebellion.

    Vivian, Grace, Emma, Beckie.

    1. Happy late birthday! Looks like you got some amazing stuff. I'm sure you'll have loads of fun with it! :D Aw, poor Grace :( I never knew that!

      ~Molly and Madison
      (Molly-Anne too)


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