Friday, April 19, 2013

Runaway Coco...part 1(one)

Arf Arf! Coconut here! Yes, I'm her, the famous Coco. People mistake me for a boy. But really, I'm just a girl doggy that acts like a tomboy! Anyways, today I was just sitting in my doghouse, playing with my chew toy, when I started to really want to actually play with a human being. Cecile was over there on her bed, maybe she could play with me?

                                                                I ventured out to see.

"RRRRRUFFF! RUFF RUFF, ARF!" I barked. "Coco, I'm trying to sleep," murmured Cecile, turning on her side.

"Arf, arf woooooff?" I asked Molly who was practicing her splits with her coach, Josefina. "Coconut!" she scolded. "You know you can't be in the gym. Shoo, shoo." 

Hurt, abused and mistreated, I angrily thought up a plan to get revenge on the dolls. I'd runaway! Aha! That's it. Then they'd truly regret mistreating their beloved Coco!

I leaped to a window and opened it.

Too bad their was a thingy blocking me from jumping out. Oh well. 

I leaped onto the doll's car. Aha! I'd drive away! That would show them. 


What do you think of the Runaway Coco series? Do you have a pet that wants to play and feels left-out?


Coco :(


  1. AW! POOOR COCONUT!!! You girls do not understand Molly-Anne OR Coconut! You're always ignoring them or mistreating them! Poor little thing :( I hope she doesn't get hurt!!!

    1. Coconut: Arf arf! Molly-Ane and I would runaway together except she hates me because I think she's a chew toy. hehe. FINALLY SOMEONE FEELS MY PAIN!

    2. LOL! Poor Molly-Anne! Hehe ;)
      Yes, I do you good little puppy! :D

  2. Pepper (Elizabeth's chew wa wa (however you spell it): can I come with you? I know your in Texas, and I'm in --------- (you know where), But we could meet up some where! Like Kansas! What do you say? I'm WAY to small to drive a car that big, but maybe the Barbies will be nice and let me have their beat up old silver mini van! So what do you say? Oh and to picture how small I am, think about yourself except like the size of half of your head! Not saying you have a big head, just saying that I'm small. :)

  3. Madison- I commented on "About Us" ;)

  4. AWW!!!!! how sadd! you bad puppy owners! i hope coco teaches them a lesson! poor girl! maybe she should run away to my doll emily! she always takes good care of her dogs!

    Emily: YES YES!! runaway to me! i want a fourth dog! i want a second coconut! hehe

    Love Hannah and emily!


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