Friday, November 30, 2012

MY ADVENTURE.... outside!!!!

Hello Dollies and their Mommies! ;-) Ever heard of "The Drive"? Well, you're about to. IT'S A STORY ABOUT ME! ;) You better read it because I went through a lot of trouble. lol.

 See my gorgeous car? It's Our Generation that my mom got for her B-day this year in June. It's really cool.


 I'M SAFE lol. I'm driving now, on the right side of the road like you're supposed to lol.

 Now I'm on the grass.... (bad idea if you don't like leaves)

 HEY LET'S JUMP INTO THAT BIG PILE OF LEAVES!!!!! (BAD idea don't do it!!!!!)

 Uh oh. My mom's not going to be happy about my car lol.

 Now how do you climb this thing?

Oh. So that's how. lol. (Don't my eyes just sparkle in this picture?)

Wasn't that funny? "The Drive" almost sounds like it could be a novel. My mom will have to be the very on who writes it!!!!! lol.

Whaddya think?



Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Follower and another STOP-MOTION!!!!

Hey dollie's and their mommies! it's been busy! But thankfully, I've got the time to post! ;)

First, I want to thank you guys for following! You guys rock! Thank you soooo much! And I'd appreciate if you would tell others about my blog, too! ;)

OK, To that stop-motion. My mom made it. WITH LEGO's! Yes! Not me! :(:(:( Well, it's pretty cute anyway, ;) watch away!

HERE WE GO! No need to click "original video" BECAUSE I'VE GOT IT RIGHT HERE! :) Comment and tell me what you think! :)



Sunday, November 25, 2012


I posed for a stop-motion! I know, I'm taking a shower, gross........:p but I don't really have 'private' parts ;) so watch away! just click, "original video" :)

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic class="bbc_img">



Saturday, November 24, 2012

Testing, one two three.......

Hey girls! Wow! One blog post followed by ANOTHER! Wow! :) Well, I'm experimenting on some stuff so if you see some crazy stuff don't go crazy yourself! I'm changing things around, and stuff. :) Bye for now!



How Delightful World Of Dolls Came to Be!

Hello dollies and their mommies! ;) Today, I was just being lazy, wondering if making a post today was worth getting up and prepping for it, when I realized that I've never told you the story of how Delightful World of Dolls was even created! I could never have been so silly! Enjoy the fun photo's of below, and then get ready for the tale of your life! ;)

 Hey guys! Yes, you!


 Do you know Delightful World of Doll's history? No? Then come on this way, and get ready for the story of a lifetime..........

It all started with American Girl Doll Central, Julie's Jumbles blog I think. Well, I love their blog so much, I decided to check out their picasa albums, and I loved it. I wanted my mom to get one so badly, and she wanted one too, so she could share with the world all these cute pictures and photo-storie's she took of me. She asked her dad, and he checked it out, but you have to be 13, to get your own e-mal address, and you have to have you own e-mail address for your own Google Account, and you have to have a Google Account to have a blog.

Then, her dad made this incredibly extremely intelligent, and exquisite offer. They'd share google accounts! It was perfect! They tried naming this blog "Molly's Madness," but somebody had already got that one. They tried, "Molly's musings," but somebody's got that one, too. We tried Doll's Digest, and we were disgusted. Another word for Digest is really a newspaper. Nobody had that name, and we could guess why. Then, we came up with the Name, Delightful World of Doll's, and here I AM!!!!

The reason I can't follow any of ya'll is because If I follow, there is a pic mom's dad! I don't want people thinking I'm a man! :o So I always love commenting on your blog's, though!

And that is the story. A 9-year-old with a blog, but a 7-year-old- doll who steals it and claims it her own! HA-HA! xD



Friday, November 23, 2012

The Black Friday Party!

Hi guys! I can't say "sorry I haven't been posting lately" because I HAVE been posting lately! xD
So ANYWAYS, Happy Black friday! My mom went shopping and found some cute shirts :)


My mom made me wear my nicest party dress, glasses and braids and told me that I needed some socialization. She said that since there were no AG dolls around, she said that I could visit some Barbies. "Snobby Barbies," I thought. They were so modern and fufu and girly. They didn't care a wink about History!

 Blech. I would much rather be dancing in my Miss Victory dress with Emily Bennett!

 I went on over to the Black Friday party, and found only two Barbies, (instead of mom's lot of them) talking. I knew their names. The one in the white dress was a Barbie Fashionista, Named Laia. Yes, Lay-uh like from Starwars. :) Funny thing is, I've never watched Starwars. The one in the blue dress was named Brittany, but Strawberry was her nick-name. I think it was because she always wore a Strawberry Shortcake shirt.  :)

 Laia was saying, "I am SO relieved Mattel took over AG. They need to learn to stop being such dinosaurs. Ipod Touch's and pixie cuts are whats in style! History is not important at ALL." I was SO steaming mad. I wanted to burst in there, yell, "WHAT THE TACO ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, YOU MEANIES!!!!" But I knew better. I WAS better. Than THEM. I walked in with a big smile and said, "Hello!" They looked at me like if I had just jumped into a garbage can. "Hey, dude,  what's up?" said Brittany. "And girlfriend, SO change your outfit."

 I felt a hot, warm, tear spring form behind my glasses.

 "Aww, did we make you cryyyyyyy?" teased Laia. Brittany laughed and said, "We don't mean nothing, Honey. Stop being a big baby!"

"No, thank you," I said crisply. "I think I will like to spend time with family. And Friends." I walked off, feeling strong. I wasn't going to let Barbie's stand in my way. I was better than them. They just weren't worth suffering for.

The best part; when I left, I heard Laia whisper, "Do you think we were a little mean? I mean, History does has some purpose......" I didn't hear what Brittany said. What do you think she said? What do YOU think she answered? Yes? Or no? :)



Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Craft

Hey dollies and their mommies! ;) Sorry I haven't been posting lately! Thanksgiving sure 'stuffs' you! Haha! OK, So today we have this really fun, cute, and simple craft! PHOTO'S!!! That's your cue! Where the taco are you?!

Oh! Here we are! *ach-hem* excuse me. I was cooking Thanksgiving rolls at the moment. My dress is not fit for cooking, but I wore it any way for the special occasion! :)

The roll mix! *ach-hem* Can we please get on with the crafts? HURRY UP, photos!

Now, where the taco are my craft supplies..........

TURKEY!!! Trace your hand (doesn't my hand look BEAUTIFUL?!) and cut it out. (of the paper) Cute a beak and the little red wobbly thingy out of paper, add a googly eye, glue your contents on and you have a cute little turkey! You can add feathers, too, if you want to! Gobble gobble! xD



Wednesday, November 21, 2012


HEY! Molly here! Yes, the thanksgiving craft I will show you on; well duh, Thanksgiving! :)
SO, guess what we got at Target for 8 dollars?

I know, It's plain, but guess what we also got for like 3 dollars?
DECORATIONS!!!!! Tinsel, christmas bulbs, and a star for the tree-top!!

 I stood on top of the Our Generation Salon Chair so I could reach the high tree-top!

 Well guess who also came to help? COCONUT!! "Here, Coco!" I crooned, reaching for the bulb. (see my owners hand in the tiny little corner? hehehe.)

 Decorations! I hung one by one up until that's when I saw it. TINSEL. Squealing with delight, I hung the rest up and ran toward it.

The finished tree! Isn't it amazing? :)

AND HERE'S THE FIREPLACE!!!! YAY! My mom sewed the stockings (one for me, and one for Josefina if she comes for Christmas) and she made the fireplace by printing out an image of an empty fireplace (our printer doesn't have color so if she printed out fire it would look weird) and taping it to a super small box. :)

I know, a little early to be putting up your Christmas tree, huh? Hehehe! :) :) :)



The easiest chair EVER for mini dolls/other 6 to 9inch dolls!

I'm soooooooooooo Sorry I haven't been posting lately! Thxgiving is just around the corner, and the whole world is busy, I suppose! I hope to show you a fun thanks giving craft today or tomorrow, also! Molly-Anne here (Mini Molly) is modeling! I made a fun chair for her!!!! It didn't cost me a cent!!!!

I'm handing it over to you, Mini-Molly!

OK, All you do is get a toilet-paper roll. then cut a big rectangle in it like this (be careful to leave a back-rest thingy!) and your done. It's seriously THAT EASY. 

 La la la la la..... Oh! Hello! I was just so busy resting in my brand-new chair that I didn't notice you for a second!

Oh, I love this chair so much I'm going to introduce it to you. Chair, this is my friend, You. You, reader, YEAH YOU RIGHT THERE STARING AT THE SCREEN, this is chair. He's not very talkative :)

 Again, A fun thanksgiving post coming up today or tomorrow! ;)

I'm handing it over to you, BIG Molly!


Hey girls, it's me BIG Molly. Molly-Anne is just so cute! Do you have a mini-doll or any other 6" doll? I'd LOVE to know!



Saturday, November 17, 2012

How to make the easiest clothes for Mini-dolls!!!

Sorry I haven't bene posting lately! It's been busy the past 2 days! On thursday, my owner had a full day at P.E., On Friday, she had a thanksgiving party, and today, SATURDAY, Ahhhh, sweet Saturday!  No school, no anything but RELAX and post!

So today I'm going to show you how to make the easiest dress ever for your Mini-Doll or Barbie.

 You will need a stretchy sock that does not fit you (ask your parent before cutting up clothes) scissors, and your mini-Doll! For a sash, just get a hair elastic!!

 Take OFF all the clothing off your mini doll, and get your sock. You will cut from the wear the toes are and down if you are making a shirt or a dress. Mine's a dress, so it's longer than a shirt. (for a skirt cut from the middle and down, and then to make it stay on use the hair elastic)

 Cut the neck and arm holes......

Slip it on your doll and your done! Use a hair elastic for the sash! I love my new dress!



Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Molly-Anne's adventures!!!

Hi! I'm Mini Molly! My name is really Molly-Anne. :)  WOW Is it hard to type because I'm so little! Well, here is an adventure that I just so RECENTLY had!!!

Hello! Mini Molly here. Now, my adventure starts, in a dark, deep forest..... aka Molly's room.

My owner's roo- I MEAN, the jungle.

Jump! Wow, this is my owner's salon chai- I MEAN, a wild tree!!!


 Or....not.... AAAHHH!!!!!!

Oh! Yay! Landed on the bed! I slid down, and hey.... this place looks awfully familiar. NO, WAIT, DON'T TELL ME; DON'T TELL ME; I'm in the same place!! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?!?!?!
 Hmm. I started walking along until.... AAAHHHH!!!!! GIANT DOG!!!!!!!

GET OFF ME!!!!!!!

 "Coco!" crooned Molly who had just came home from school.

 "Oh My Doll?" wondered Molly. "I didn't leave Molly-Anne here!!"

"Oh.....well," Molly said, a little uncertainly, but she took me up and started playing with me for a little while. So, Hehehe! Another adventure in my owner's r- I MEAN the jungle!! Bye!!




Yay! Do you recall ? They had a giveaway about a week or two ago and guess who won that Dream World Collections Outfit, the Snow Leopard Outfit? ME!!!!  Here are some amazing pics of me in the outfit!

You see a shadow coming your way. It's tall and muscular (Madison: Molly, really?) and strong and smokin' hot. It moves toward you. You are scared at first, but then you see it's none other than......

SUPER MOLLY!!!!! In her brand-new DreamWorldCollections Outfit!!! My mom got it in the mail yesterday, and Liz was so thoughtful with it! It came with fun, polka-dotted tissue paper (to keep my valuables safe from harm) A sweet card, and the card was in a really sweet envelope that had my mom's name on it! And the first letter of my owner's name (M) was a letter-sticker! Liz was so thoughtful in sending this! The card was sweet and the letter was very thoughtful!!!

The sweet little booties it came with! ADORABLE!!! And the skirt looked very cute! I will have fun mixing 'n matching this!!

The vest is separate so you can either wear the shirt alone or wear the vest with another outfit!

Overall, the outfit was really cute and pretty and Liz was really sweet with the card and fun tissue paper! Thank you Liz!! Thanks, DreamWorldCollections!

Have you ever won a giveaway before? Have an outfit from DreamWorldCollections? And, YES, The adventure's of mini Molly are coming soon! Maybe today, but not likely because my owner has music class! Do you play an instrument? Do you dance to fun games like my owner's music class?