Wednesday, November 21, 2012


HEY! Molly here! Yes, the thanksgiving craft I will show you on; well duh, Thanksgiving! :)
SO, guess what we got at Target for 8 dollars?

I know, It's plain, but guess what we also got for like 3 dollars?
DECORATIONS!!!!! Tinsel, christmas bulbs, and a star for the tree-top!!

 I stood on top of the Our Generation Salon Chair so I could reach the high tree-top!

 Well guess who also came to help? COCONUT!! "Here, Coco!" I crooned, reaching for the bulb. (see my owners hand in the tiny little corner? hehehe.)

 Decorations! I hung one by one up until that's when I saw it. TINSEL. Squealing with delight, I hung the rest up and ran toward it.

The finished tree! Isn't it amazing? :)

AND HERE'S THE FIREPLACE!!!! YAY! My mom sewed the stockings (one for me, and one for Josefina if she comes for Christmas) and she made the fireplace by printing out an image of an empty fireplace (our printer doesn't have color so if she printed out fire it would look weird) and taping it to a super small box. :)

I know, a little early to be putting up your Christmas tree, huh? Hehehe! :) :) :)




  1. NICE!


  2. Thanks!

    It's only like 8 dollars so your owner could get it, I bet!


  3. Very cute! We have a Christmas tree in our room too, only it's way bigger! My mommy got it at a thrift store about $15 and it's half as tall as her! It's so pretty! We have SO many decorations on it!
    I LOVE your tree too!

    And it's ok, if it's early! We've had our decorations up for about a week! LOL!
    And Addy, Josefina, Kanani, Kirsten, Rebecca, and Marie-Grace

  4. my dolls have a tree to! it's not up yet though, very cute!

  5. Wow, Jaclynn and Alanna! Yes, Christmas tree's are amazing!!

    ~Molly :)

  6. Jaclynn: Is that a SMALL tree that is BIG? Like a tree sized for dolls? Or a actual Christmas tree?

    1. Azure:
      It's not really sized for dolls. It's like up to my tummy and I'm 13. Maybe it's up to my chest- I don't know. LOL! It's definitely not an actual Christmas Tree! It's underneath my loft bed :)

  7. I actually have a real christmas tree! Well it's actually made out of rose merry it's amazing!


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