Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Yay! Do you recall ? They had a giveaway about a week or two ago and guess who won that Dream World Collections Outfit, the Snow Leopard Outfit? ME!!!!  Here are some amazing pics of me in the outfit!

You see a shadow coming your way. It's tall and muscular (Madison: Molly, really?) and strong and smokin' hot. It moves toward you. You are scared at first, but then you see it's none other than......

SUPER MOLLY!!!!! In her brand-new DreamWorldCollections Outfit!!! My mom got it in the mail yesterday, and Liz was so thoughtful with it! It came with fun, polka-dotted tissue paper (to keep my valuables safe from harm) A sweet card, and the card was in a really sweet envelope that had my mom's name on it! And the first letter of my owner's name (M) was a letter-sticker! Liz was so thoughtful in sending this! The card was sweet and the letter was very thoughtful!!!

The sweet little booties it came with! ADORABLE!!! And the skirt looked very cute! I will have fun mixing 'n matching this!!

The vest is separate so you can either wear the shirt alone or wear the vest with another outfit!

Overall, the outfit was really cute and pretty and Liz was really sweet with the card and fun tissue paper! Thank you Liz!! Thanks, DreamWorldCollections!

Have you ever won a giveaway before? Have an outfit from DreamWorldCollections? And, YES, The adventure's of mini Molly are coming soon! Maybe today, but not likely because my owner has music class! Do you play an instrument? Do you dance to fun games like my owner's music class?




  1. Let's put it this way I have NEVER one something in my life.

  2. So cute! You are SO lucky to have won! I always win raffles and all, but I couldn't even ENTER! LUCKY!

  3. Wow! That's SO cute. Once I won a Doll Diaries photo contest!

  4. Thanks, guys! You'll all win something in your life, I'm sure!

    Ooh! I've never won a photo-contest before, Del!!!


  5. Question: Is there a reason all the pictures are upside down?

  6. I won just recently on the Doll Costume Photo Contest!!! I got a $15 AG gift card!

    Molly, It came in a really sweet envelope and letter too! They're were stickers on the back, a handmade card, and a nice letter. I really enjoyed receiving it :)

  7. Exactly, Jaclynn! The card and stuff was really nice!!!

    Anonymous, the pics are not upside down. Maybe your looking upside down? :)

  8. Molly:
    I know! I was super surprised! So sweet :)

  9. Yeah! Liz is really nice!

    ~Madison not Molly :)

  10. I've won a dres but mom wants it to be a christmas present :)

  11. That's awesome, Kananirulz! Mom's are like that, hehehe!


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