Saturday, November 24, 2012

How Delightful World Of Dolls Came to Be!

Hello dollies and their mommies! ;) Today, I was just being lazy, wondering if making a post today was worth getting up and prepping for it, when I realized that I've never told you the story of how Delightful World of Dolls was even created! I could never have been so silly! Enjoy the fun photo's of below, and then get ready for the tale of your life! ;)

 Hey guys! Yes, you!


 Do you know Delightful World of Doll's history? No? Then come on this way, and get ready for the story of a lifetime..........

It all started with American Girl Doll Central, Julie's Jumbles blog I think. Well, I love their blog so much, I decided to check out their picasa albums, and I loved it. I wanted my mom to get one so badly, and she wanted one too, so she could share with the world all these cute pictures and photo-storie's she took of me. She asked her dad, and he checked it out, but you have to be 13, to get your own e-mal address, and you have to have you own e-mail address for your own Google Account, and you have to have a Google Account to have a blog.

Then, her dad made this incredibly extremely intelligent, and exquisite offer. They'd share google accounts! It was perfect! They tried naming this blog "Molly's Madness," but somebody had already got that one. They tried, "Molly's musings," but somebody's got that one, too. We tried Doll's Digest, and we were disgusted. Another word for Digest is really a newspaper. Nobody had that name, and we could guess why. Then, we came up with the Name, Delightful World of Doll's, and here I AM!!!!

The reason I can't follow any of ya'll is because If I follow, there is a pic mom's dad! I don't want people thinking I'm a man! :o So I always love commenting on your blog's, though!

And that is the story. A 9-year-old with a blog, but a 7-year-old- doll who steals it and claims it her own! HA-HA! xD




  1. Love your dress Molly!

  2. Thank you! It's really Emily's Dress, though I wish My mom had Emily :(

  3. Whoa....I was nine when I had my first blog!! you are SO amazing Madison and Molly!


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