Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Molly-Anne's adventures!!!

Hi! I'm Mini Molly! My name is really Molly-Anne. :)  WOW Is it hard to type because I'm so little! Well, here is an adventure that I just so RECENTLY had!!!

Hello! Mini Molly here. Now, my adventure starts, in a dark, deep forest..... aka Molly's room.

My owner's roo- I MEAN, the jungle.

Jump! Wow, this is my owner's salon chai- I MEAN, a wild tree!!!


 Or....not.... AAAHHH!!!!!!

Oh! Yay! Landed on the bed! I slid down, and hey.... this place looks awfully familiar. NO, WAIT, DON'T TELL ME; DON'T TELL ME; I'm in the same place!! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?!?!?!
 Hmm. I started walking along until.... AAAHHHH!!!!! GIANT DOG!!!!!!!

GET OFF ME!!!!!!!

 "Coco!" crooned Molly who had just came home from school.

 "Oh My Doll?" wondered Molly. "I didn't leave Molly-Anne here!!"

"Oh.....well," Molly said, a little uncertainly, but she took me up and started playing with me for a little while. So, Hehehe! Another adventure in my owner's r- I MEAN the jungle!! Bye!!




  1. Aw! Mini Molly is so cute!- the person

    Do I know you? You look like someone I know... ME!- Mini Samantha

  2. Yes, we do look alot alike? I've noticed that.... it's SCARY..... :o

    ~Mini Molly

  3. I love your blog! It's really cute :) Please visit mine:
    ~Meg <3

  4. Hey it's me! Mini Marie-Grace and mini Kaya want to talk

    M-G: Where did you get your dress it's SO cute!

    Kaya: Hello.

    M-G: Sorry Kaya isn't good with white people because of her Indian heritage and the fact that her only friend is singing bird.

    Do tell us how you made her dress it's really adorable.

    For ever and always Abbie,

  5. Hi Kaya and marie-Grace! Mini Molly here! I made the dress by... well, look on youtube, go to myfroggystuff and search no sew dress :D all you do is cut a big circle out of fabric or a shirt, fold, fold again to find the middle, then cut neck and arm holes, slip it on your doll, and then make a little belt out of fabric :D i just used a hair elastic :D

    Sure, Meg! I bet your blog is great!!

  6. That sounds really easy I will try it!

  7. Molly you have NOT posted anything recently and please start a thread on the AGFMB with this message posted in it,

    I am doing great guys! I think I will make it to Wednesday. Thanks Madcat for posting this! I occasionally get on and don't log in so that I can just skim the threads. Fill you in later!


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