Sunday, June 30, 2013

We Meet Emilie and Jasmine

Jasmine here. Molly's blog is so cool--don't tell her I said that. I've made up my mind to steal it--without telling her. How that will work I really don't know...

"Jasmine, why don't we take a tour of the house so we know of our whereabouts?" Emilie suggested to me in a deep British accent. I snickered. She was so hilarious--in a mean way. I could do whatever I wanted. I was THE Jasmine. But I decided to go along anyway--who knows what amazing chances I had of embarrassing Emilie?!

I looked into the computer room. An old, collectible, antique Macintosh computer?! SWEET!

Why. Is. There. A. Screwdriver. In. This. Picture. 

Emilie screamed when she saw Molly. "I CAN'T BELIEVE WE LIVE RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER!!!" Molly screamed back. Emilie smiled and squealed. I just snickered.

We all sat down (me at the front, of course) to watch Emilie "perform" her dumb gymnastics routine. I was a much better gymnast. 

I had to admit, her flip was pretty cool, but I certainly wouldn't tell her that. I could do a flip much more complicated, but for her level she did really amazing. 

So that was it. We looked around the house and got to know it. Then we went back to our room. 

I can't believe how dumb Emilie, Josie, CeCe and Molly are! I am SO much better than them!


the amazing sassy beautiful gorgeous 100% blue ribbon intelligent top-of-the-line,


Saturday, June 29, 2013

Madison's Birthday Video!!!!!!

Madison here.....

Cover your ears....

If not I'm going to have to pay eardrum insurance....





I TURNED TEN ON THE 27TH! I GOT TWO DOLLS, SAIGE AND EMILY! I re-named Saige to Jasmine and changed the spelling of Emily to Emilie cause I like it better. Please watch my birthday vid to see all I got! Lot's of stopmotions, videos, and photostories with them COMING SOON!



Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Our Grand Adventure, Part Seven!

Mom smiled again for the camera. She is very busy with riding the bumpy golf cart and getting to drive it herself, fishing and cast-netting, eating popsicles and going swimming in the ocean, looking for shark teeth and getting pinched my crabs XD, so that's why she's only taking one or two pictures a day right now.

And then she took this hilarious picture of her big sis having rhinestones all over her face put on by a little girl (Mom's cousin, TJ, brought some friends) but her big sis said NOT to put that pic online XD

the next day she got a big scrape on her knee from falling off a scooter. She still managed to tag TJ and win that game of tag, though XD

We sleep in very uncomfortable positions the day after that. XD

This is a little better, the next day.

GAH! except me. I have a big Yoshi plush on top of me that mom's brother brought XD!



and that's the end of part seven.

~Stay tuned for part eight~


Monday, June 24, 2013

Molly's (2ND!) Photoshoot

Ya gotta see the amazin' pics we took of myself a couple of days ago. 

and then here' s a fun pic we just took fo fun.

So...let us know whatcha like, whatcha don't like, and which one was your favorite!!



Our Grand Adventure - PART SIX!

 At night, we still haven't solved the mystery of "The Favorite" and there is still tension between us when we go to bed on top of pillows on mom's brother's Mario plushes XD

What a pretty night!

*YAWN* Mom' tired....doesn't she look so hilarious in this picture?! XD

She's half asleep by the time she takes the next picture. XD

We're tired, too. 

Right before she goes to bed, Mom wakes me up to take a picture. I feel guilty. Now that Cecile told me I was the favorite, I noticed Mom was playing me a lot more than them....?


In the next morning we wake up early, about six o'clock, to watch the sunrise. Whoever spots the "orange ball" or as we call the sun at the beach house, gets a hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate syrup!

We think the sun will come up about here. (Where mom's finger is)

Lum, dee dum, where is the sun....

WAIT......No, the sun will come up HERE!

AHA, looks like our second prediction is right!


I have a super power. It is to make your mouth water. Don't believe me? Just look at this picture. YES, your mouth is watering. You're imagining the smoothy, silky taste of the hot chocolate and the creamy, dissolve-in-your mouth whipped cream, topped with the chocholate-ly, sweet mixture of the chocolate syrup. Yes, I have powers. 

Yes, it's official, here is the sun!

*GASP* Isn't this breath-taking? I love this view! What a beautiful sunrise<3


"Do I Have Something On My Face?" XD

FINALLY! NOW we have you, sun! It's official--you rose, nothin' you can do 'bout it XD

I hope we can go to the beach today!!

Finally it's the afternoon (it looks dark in this picture, but it isn't)

AUNT KATHY'S FAMOUS CHICKEN AND DUMPLINGS?!?!?!!!! THIS IS TO DIE FOR, NOT KIDDING! Mom gobbled it all down, no matter how hot it was. AMAZINGNESS. 

That night, we got glow sticks so we could see each other when we go crab hunting!!!

Mama helped with this desert--she crushed the Oreo's! :D

This is mom's crab she caught--isn't it BIG?! :D

YAWN. Me tired. 

So.....drowsy....sleepy....SLEEP....COMETH....NOW XD

Nighty-night, peeps.........*SNOOOOOOOOORRRRRRREEEEEEEEEE*

Well that's the end of part six our our grand adventure...

and we still haven't solved the mystery of, "The Favorite". I guess we'll just have to find out....IN PART SEVEN OF OUR GRAND ADVENTURE!!!