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Here you can see all our movies!!!!

Here is the trailer for 'Cecile's Destiny in her necklace' but it came out before February :p

the music playing is 'Mystery' by Misty Edwards

And here is the actual movie!
The beginning music is "Can I Have more of You" by Kim Walker. The ending music is "I surrender" also by Kim Walker.

This is a sequel to "Cecile's Destiny In Her Necklace", called "A New Beginning." The music is listed at the end.

OOH OOH OOH! This is the best one EVER in my opinion because the music is by AMERICAN GIRL!!!! AND I AM AN AMERICAN GIRL DOLL! Haha!! It's called "Watch Us Shine" and it's me doing my best in Gymnastics; me shining! The music is: "Watch Us Shine" by American Girl. The same as the title :p hehe!!!

Madison (my mom): Here's a video I made. When I took my photo with Saige (in the video) those other two dolls are my BFF's, not mine. :) Enjoy. It's called "My Trip To The AGP Dallas 2013!" :D The beginning music is "Lord, I lift your name on high" by Top 25 kids Praise and Worship 2008.. The other song is "Let the walls fall down" also by Top 25 Kids Praise and Worship 2008.

Well, this isn't EXACTLY a movie. It's a stop motion  But I put this on the movies page anyways because I want lot's of people to see this! It's called "Overtaken Dance". The music is "Overtaken" By Christ For The Nations. Please watch! It's cute, funny, inspirational and touching. :)

The lyrics to AG's song, "Watch Us Shine"! (we'll post the lyrics to their new song, So Much Like Me, soon!)

Molly Makes The Move is what we call this one! The Earth is SO important! It's horrible, I mean just UNLAWFUL to litter on our precious earth! We must keep good care of God's planet, it's the only one we've got! I got so determined to make this point, we made a movie called "Molly Makes The Move"!

Movie description: Molly had a great day at school. Yet there was the hardest spelling test! Yikes! When Molly get's into the car, she checks her grade, and with sinking hopes for Six Flags, she realizes it's an F. Her mom promised her she'd take her to Six Flags if she got good grades. Tears streaming down her cheeks, she sits and feel sorry for herself. Finally realizing she can get extra credit by studying harder for the next test, she cheers up and remembers to shine by doing her best! The music is "We Are" by Kari Jobe. Enjoy! :)

Happy Birthday, Molly is what this video is all about! Come join us on Molly's birthday adventure.

How to make a doll ballet outfit - WITHOUT. SPENDING. A CENT.

[URL=]View My Video[/URL]
Cecile's Birthday Vid!

May Memories<3


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