Meet The Dolls

Meet the dolls Molly, Mini-Molly (we call her Molly-Anne) Josefina and Cecile, and find out our personalities!

Full Name: Molly, Ann, McIntire, (and then my new last name when I became adopted) Lorfing.
Nick-name: Sometimes my friends call me 'Molls' :)
Birthday: April 22nd (the day after mom's brother's birthday? WOW!)
Date Adopted into family: I was adopted into the Lorfing family on December 25th, 2011, AKA Christmas. :D
Age: 8 (eight years old)
Likes: My friends as AG dolls in real life, online friends through this AG blog, playing with my doll Molly-Anne, playing with Coconut, and GYMNASTICS!!!! Boy do I LOVE gymnastics.
Dis-likes: Having to do the laundry, and snobby people (sometimes Cecile)
Favorite color: Navy Blue, Red, and green! All the colors of my gorgeous meet outfit! :)
Favorite food: Fruit, but otherwise my mom has such a selection of clay food she has made me I can't choose anything specific! LOL!!!
Owned by: My mother is Madison Lorfing, who I love very much :)

Full Name: Mini Molly, (re-named to Molly-Anne) McIntire, (and then new name when I became adopted>>>>) Lorfing.
Nick-Name: I don't have one, but I was re-named to Molly-Anne. Does that count?
Birthday: Umm can I get back to you on that one? *hisses to Molly, "What's my birthday?* October 10th!!
Day Adopted Into Family: I was adopted into the Lorfing family on December 25th, 2010, aka Christmas :)
Age: 5 (five years old)
Likes: Talking to my online friends, posing for photo-stories, being lovingly played with by my owner, Molly, (the 18 inch AG doll) and RUNNING AWAY FROM THE KILLER DOG COCONUT!!!!
Dis-likes: COCONUT.
Favorite color: White, red, and purple!  Not all the colors of my meet outfit, but I love them!
Favorite food: Apples. ANYTHING Apples. Apple pie, apple cobbler, apple cider, apple juice, apples with peanut butter, apples get the point ;)
Owned by: My owner is Molly McIntire, the 18 inch doll, not me xD

Full name: Josefina Arelia Montoya (and then, last name when I becam adopted>>>>) Lorfing
Nick-name: Josie :)
Birthday: March 19th
Day Adopted Into Family:I was Adopted into the Lorfing family, December 25th, 2012, Christmas!
Age: 8 (eight years old)
Likes: Chatting with Cece and and Molly, and riding our horse, Gingersnap! I am also the coach of the American Girl All Stars gymnastics team!
Dis-likes: When Cece bosses me around! Do this do that. LOL...And sometimes she makes fun of my Spanish :(
Favorite color: Dark brown and red. :)
Favorite food: Cornbread and tortillas!
Owned by: My mom is Madison Lorfing :)

Full name: Cecile Amelie Rey (and then last name when I became adopted>>>) Lorfing!
Nick-name: Cece :)
Birthday: May 28th
Day adopted into family: I was adopted into the Lorfing family, on December 25th, 2012, Christmas! :)
Age: 9 (nine years old)
Likes: Talking about my looks, my hair, my BEAUTIFULNESS, Chatting with my BFF Jasmine, SINGING, acting, teaching mommy French and bragging about my gymnastic techinques
Dis-likes: When I brag to much But I can't help it! I'm mah-nyee-feek!!! (Magnificent in French) And when I'm bossy.
Favorite color: Red and blue! Not all the colors of my meet dress, but my faves! :D
Favorite food: French bread (what else?!)
Owned by: My mom is Madison Lorfing!! :D

Full Name: Emilie Rose Bennet (and new last name when I became adopted>>>) Lorfing
Nick-Name: Em, Emmi
Birthday: September 29th
Day Adopted Into Family: I was adopted into the Lorfing family on June 27th, AKA Owner's brithday:)
Age: 8 (eight years old)
Likes: Chatting with Molly and posing for pictures. I am also a talented gymnast! It is all quite well!
Dis-Likes: When Jasmine mimics my English accent :(
Favorite color: Red!
Favorite food: Peaches! Right-o!
Owned by: My owner is Madison Lorfing! She is not my mum, but I feel quite well being owned my such a fine girl!

Full Name: Jasmine Anna Copeland (and new last name when I became adopted) Lorfing. 
Nick-Name: Jaz, Jazzy...fits moi perfectly, dontcha think? *flips hair*
Day Adopted Into Family: I was adopted into the Lorfing family on June 27th, AKA Owner's birthday.
Age: 9 (nine years old) I turn ten soon. That makes me a year or two older than ALL of the doll! IN YO FACE
Likes: talking about moi gorgeous looks, beautifulness, bragging about my amazing gymnastics skills..being friends with Cecile...and being BFF with popularity.
Dis-Likes: When that  dumb old Molly sticks up for her little English friends.
Favorite food: Lemonade, best thing ever.
Owned by: My owner is Madison Lorfing....BIG DEAL! I don't have a mom....well *flashback* i used to...uhh never mind


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Jaclynn! :P

    2. Hi, Amelia! LOL!
      And :P back at you! HEHE XD

    3. Hi Jaclynn!

    4. Hi colorflower! Who is this? I can't tell cause it's a different name!

  2. Molly or Madison:
    You should add Molly-Anne to this! She is after all a doll! LOL!

  3. Good Idea! I like the way you think! ;)

    Molly & Madison ;)

  4. Aww... poor Molly-Anne having to run away from a dog :( lol

    I like hers too!

    Oh, thanks! I'm glad you liked it :)

  5. Mini Samantha: I have to run away from a big doll named Natalie because she does not like mini dolls. I don't know why, mini dolls are awesome.

  6. Mini Molly: Mini Doll's rock! I don't know why, either!
    Mini Molly: SEE YA, GOTTA RUN!

  7. Yes, Mini Dolls are awesome!

    Coconut: Maybe Natalie chases you because she thinks they are YUMMY like me!

    Molly: RUN!!!

  8. Hehe. Silly Mini Molly. Coco, come here boy, don't chase poor Mini Molly xD

  9. We have updated this page with Cece and Josie! :)

    1. You need to do a new photostory of all 3 of the dolls. You know like how they get along. Or you could do a photostory of Molly remembering when she met her new sisters just a few days ago and what it was like?
      I don't. I just need a photostory with all of them! LOLOL!

    2. I so will! The post was delayed today, but a definite post tomorrow! :)

  10. YAAY!!! They're awesome! Aw.. I'm sorry Josie :(
    A "little 4 year old girl I babysit" makes fun of Josefina's spanish too. They DO NOT get along!! LOL!

    1. Josie: Yes people make fun of me -___- Hello other Josefina! ;) And that's OK, Cece might turn around.... :)

      ~Molly and Josie

    2. Josefina: Buenos Dias! Como estas usted?
      Good Morning! How are you?

    3. Josefina: Oh! And Mucho Gusto!
      Nice to meet you!

    4. Josefina: Estoy bien, gracias! Si, si!

  11. I love your dolls! Their so cute!!!
    ~Meg and the dolls of innerstar central~

  12. Madison: Thanks, Meg! :D
    Molly: I'm cute!!!!!!!!! :D
    Josefina and Cecile: So are we! hehe. :)

    1. Molly: That makes me think of Rudolph! "I'm cute! I'm cute! She sauid I'm CUUUUUUUTE!!!" LOLOLOL!

  13. LOL!!! Me, too! I once watched this Rudolph cartoon and a doe (a female deer) said he was cute. And he jumped everywhere saying, "I'M CUTE! I'M CUTE!" xD We're thinking of the same thing xD

  14. From Mini Kaya: I feel you pain, Molly-Anne. I have to run away from Honey, Coco, Nuttie, Licorice (The sheepdog, not the cat) and Choco! And Cecile, my owner, never does anything about it...... Grr.

    1. Molly-Anne: I know, right? Us mini dolls have all the pain while the bigger dolls get all the fun! GRR! And the big dolls are stealing my spotlight! I will take a strike! I want to post on here more! I want t *Josefina grabs Molly-Anne*
      Josefina: Molly-Anne, you get back here this second. You know you can't go on the computer!!

  15. Hi Molly! I love you and your sisters and doll! Poor Molly-Anne. I dont have a mini doll. But I did have mini Caroline but I lost her. :(. She's somewhere all alone.


    PS:Bonjour Cecile! It's Marie-Grace! I miss you! Au revoir

    1. Thank you so much!:D Oh no, poor Mini Caroline! Don't worry, you'll find her somewhere if you search in the most unusual places.....;)

      ~Molly, Madison and Josefina

      Cecile: I love you, Marie Grace, and miss you bunches! Au revior!!

  16. Madison, you should change josifinas age to 8! Remember!

    Marie-Grace: Cecile, you are magnifique! I miss you more than, ( I can't believe I'm saying this)
    My family! (Mom, dad, brother) they have all died of yellow fever. (Read the series)


    1. Oh my gosh! Thank you for reminding us, we totally forgot! Josefina turned 8! Thanks!

      Cecile: Aww, I miss you too! I remember that horrid yellow fever.... :( :( :(

  17. Hi girls! I love your blog sooooo much, I get on it all the time! Ooooooooh, the suspense! Who will it be? Saige? Emily? I'm super excited because my parents are going to adopt! I'll have a sister! Right now I'm an only child, but my friends keep me company :-) You can read all about it on my blog!

    1. IKR! SUSPENSE! You can count on Saige, then Emily though ;)

  18. I love both Emily and Saige!

    I have Emily as my newest doll and she is adorable!

    I do not have Saige, but I have seen my friend's Saige and I love her! I hope to get her next!

    1. Us too!

      Really? I bet she IS adorable! I wish we could get her sooner! LOL!!

      IKR! We can't wait to get Saige. :D

  19. How old did Cecile turn today (her birthday)? I'm guessing 9. Probably 9.

    1. Yes, she turned nine....OH! Thank you for reminding us! We need to update Cecile's Age!!

  20. Oooh! I didn't even know you updated this!! LOVE it! Hmmm- who do you want more? Emily or Saige? I think you should get Saige first because she's limited ;)
    Also change Cece's age to 9!

    1. Saige for my brithday, EMily for Christmas! :D
      OH! Thank you for reminding us! We need to update Cecile's Age!!

  21. add Emilie and Saige you have them

    1. Haha that's right! Thank you for reminding us! just did:)

  22. Oohh...........I see something I like in Jasmine.........XD


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