Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Our Grand Adventure - PART TWO

Part Two of our GRAND Adventure! (see post before the last post)

While in the car, mama got bored and took some pretty pictures of me. 

Farther down the road, we stop at...you guessed it, Buc-ee's!!

Close-up of the sign, and other cars.

We fill our rented mini van with gas before heading inside to get a yummy treat just for vacation. 

Finally, time to head in!

Mommy brought me in and took a picture of me next to a painting near the restrooms. 

Mom's aunt Annette (really her pastor's wife, but she's SO awesome we call her Aunt Annette) gave her $6 (six dollars) to spend for a special treat at Buc-ee's! Yay! I know what she's getting....the same candy she got last time

If you clicked the link and found out what candy she got last time, and you guessed "Cherry Sours"....YOU ARE CORRECT! These candies are mom's FAVORITE!

heh heh....I'm stealing mom's candy XD

MMM, MMM! You have GOT to try these things. 

*4-5 hours later.....*

Whiz! The scenery is FLYING past! 75 miles per hour? You'd NEVER go that fast back at home! Things are different in the Houston area!

We pass by the huge Sam Houston statue!

HEY.....WE'RE HERE! The first hotel we stay at before going to our rented beach house! YAYYY!

Wake up, lazy heads! Cecile, Josefina, WE'RE HERE! Aren't you excited?!

"UGH.........*yawn* here already?"

"I'm TIRED....."

C'moooon! Aren't you at least a little excited? That 5 hour drive is OVER! We get to swim in an indoor pool and relax in comfy chairs, eat yummy hotel food and MORE! WAAAAKKKKEEEE UUUPPPP!!!!!!! ;)

After I finally get those too sleepy heads up, (although Josefina is still groggy) we get packed and ready to bring our stuff up to room 401. 

I finally realize how tired I am, I realized I never took a nap during the drive. I slid down to rest a bit before mommy took us up to our room. 

We collaps into a comfy chair. Ahh, sweet relief. Time for ME to take a nap!

What a beautiful view!

After our naps, I was wide awake. Where was mommy?! I sat up straight and alarmed. Everyone was gone. We were left here alone. WHAT HAD HAPPENED TO OUR FAMILY?!?!?!!?!!!!!!!

Right at that moment, Mom's family came through the door. Mom ran to us. "I see you figured out we were going swimming at the indoor pool! I figured you'd nap through it and wouldn't realize I was gone." I was assured everything was fine now, but I asked her, "HOW COME YOU DIDN'T TAKE US SWIMMING?!" Mom smiled, saying, "Didn't you forget? Your cloth body and easily-rusted eyes are no good match for a human pool like the one I swam in. Maybe when we get home, I can take you to my best friends house and let you wade in the pool, though you certainly can't swim, OK?" I was disappointed, but I understood she wanted to keep me safe. 

Well.....that's part two of our GRAND Adventure!

Stay tuned for part three!




  1. Willow-Sparkie won't let me go in the pool at the beach house, either! IT'S BEEN THREE DAYS FOR PIE'S SAKE! LET ME AT LEAST WADE! Sorry, had an angry moment there.

  2. Hi! It's me! So sorry. I got so busy. I've seen this and part 1

    Vivian, Marie-Grace and Emma

    1. Hi Vivian! That's OK--we completely understand being busy! ;) :D

      ~Molly and Madison


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