Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Adventure To and At Houston, Part 1

I am so blessed to have been able to go to Houston with Madison and her family! There were over 100 photos (we COUNTED!) so we have to split them in parts! Here we go, enjoy these memories!!!!

 TODAYS' THE DAY! TODAY'S THE 18TH! (I am writing this on the 20th though :p)

"Hurry, hurry, hurry!" "If we don't leave out of here at 8:30 am, we're going to be late!" "We have to be at the time we promised we'd be at!" was ringing through the air as we scurried to get dressed and packed and things.

 We hurried to the car and got settled. One minute late! Yikes! We better get moving!

We drove for who knows what time, and then we stopped at.....

Love's gas station! There was a whole store inside, too. We got some candy! Mmm-mmm! Next to it was a Burger King, so we stopped there to eat and use the restroom.


 Boy, does my mom love her Swedish fish we got at Love's! (does Swedish remind you of Kirsten? :-))

 After driving for another hour or so, we stopped at Buc-ee's. OUR FAVORITE PLACE TO STOP ON THE WAY TO HOUSTON!

 (My mom says bringing me in and taking photo's of me was embarrassing! Special thanks to her sister for bearing it with her and taking the photo's at Buc-ee's while my mom held me!) NICE HORSEY, NICE HORSEY! PLEASE DON'T HURT ME, I JUST GOT A FRENCH MANICURE AND MY HAIR DONE!!!!

 Ooo-La-La! I am sooooooo gorgeous! Umm....right? lol.


 Look at mommy's pretty nails! Her big sister (the same one who took the photo's in Buc-ee's) painted them for her! AREN'T THEY CUTE?! We call them, "Ornament nails!" LOL! They are red and sparkly like some ornaments!

 After driving for 1 more hour, OH GOSH was I pooped! Everybody (except Madison's dad, who was driving  :) ) took a nap!

 Traffic-oh, traffic-oh, traffic all the way! Oh how boring it is to be stuck in traffic to-day!

 See those pink splotches? Those are the camera's reactions to the sun's rays! It almost looks like bokeh!  :o (bokeh is a pretty type of photography)

 Looking wistfully at mommy's cherry sours we got at Buc-ee's! These are the ones she gets every time......

 My pretty mommy! :) :) :)


 After 2 and a half more hours, mom dug into Cry Of The Loon, a Samantha mystery that we rented at the library! She has read it 2 times total! LOL!

 This title makes you tingle with excitement!

 We came to my Mom's Mimi and Papa's house! After chatting and relaxing after that long, 5-hour trip, we left to meet up with the whole family at........

YOU GUESSED IT, CHICK-FIL-A!!!!!!!!!!! I could not go in, though :( Oh well!

This is not the end of our trip! More pics coming tomorrow! :D


<3Molly<3 N Madison :)


  1. Can't wait to see the rest of your pics!!!!!

  2. Chick-fil-a! Yum! I live near Houston, my two favorite things in Houston are: Chick-fil-a and, of couse, the AGPlace! =D
    Author of "Melody Travels"

  3. Thanks guys! I'm downloading 21 more pics of the trip right now!

    Lindsey: That's so cool! We live 5 hours away. xD I wanted to go the the AG place there, but I guess my family had different plans. LOL!


    your Olly Molly ;)

  4. Those are so cute!


    Hey, Molly! Tell your mom that she is pretty ;)

    Great picks!

  5. I never saw this comment! hehe!

    Yes, I LOVE horses too! My mom loves them even more than me!! xD

    I will! My mom says "Aww! Thanks so much :D"

    ~Molly (and Madison! ;))

  6. luv those pics! haha stealing your moms candy!! ps how old is your mom?


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