Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Christmas Present to Josefina........

Hi Dollies and their Mommies! ;)

OK, we might have Josefina come and stay with us for Christmas or not, but I'm making my Christmas present for her anyway! :)

It's a handkerchief! I'm sewing it myself!

I will embroider her initials, J.M., in it, too!

 I don't need a pattern, so why make one? I'll just cut a simple little square....

Gosh! This is a great idea for a Christmas present! I wonder why my mom hasn't thought of this already! (Madison: Actually you stole my idea Molly.....)

 Threading the needle.............

 OUCH! I pricked myself! HELP HELP HELP! CALL 911!!!!

 Nothing serious.....Oh well. It was my chance to go to the hospital but I missed it! Oh here is the first part of my embroidery! Josefina's first initial, J.

And now her M........

Hmmm, it looks a little plain now doesn't it?

Let's just go on ahead and add some Christmas-y ribbon! In fact, why not sequin-y ribbon?

Doesn't it look SO much more better? It's great! I love it! I wish I had one! LOL!

Are you looking forward to the Holidays?




  1. LOVE IT MOLLY!!!!!! It's soooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!! :)))

  2. Thanks guys! :D

    Turns out my mom stole my idea because in her room I SAW A HANDKERCHIEF TOO!!!!!

    (Madison: Molly, please, you stole my idea!!!!)

    1. XD I know my twin Kit has her own blog and she steals my ideas for our blog ( me and the others )!

  3. Lol, so funny!
    Carolina-Grace (squeals): OOOh, sequins! I LOOOOOOOOOVE sequins! :)

  4. I wonder how they sew sequins onto clothes! There are so many it must take A LOT of work!

    (Madison: Molly they use sewing machines. Remember when I used one? They make the life of sewing SOOOO much more easier!)

    I love them because they are so shinyyyyyyyy!!! <3:)

  5. Nice! Only thing is, why all the sparkles? Sorry. :P I don't like sparkles.

    1. I call sequins sparkles. :P

    2. To make it look not as plain :)

  6. Sequins!!!!! Love Sequins who doesn't!!??!!


  7. That's SUPER cute!!!

    Every time I get a new doll I make them a handkerchief. It's just a fun thing I do :)


  8. Thanks!

    Aww, so cool! I bet your doll's enjoy them ;)


    1. They do! It's REALLY basic though. We have some white material and I just cut a square of it and then right their name near the bottom corner :)

  9. I am so going to make Rebecca one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Great! Beckie will love it! :)

  11. Maybe you should do a new post! LOL!

    How about a post with both Molly AND Molly-Anne in it! You haven't done that yet ;)

  12. COOL! this is really cute! love the sequins!



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