Thursday, December 6, 2012

Molly-Anne Goes Camping.......

WOW! It's been 4 whole days since I posted last. Sorry about that! lol.

So anyway, Molly-Anne here, and today I WENT CAMPING!!!

So, I am kind enough to let you get another peek into Mini-Doll's lives.....

 Well hello there! I was just packing for my camping trip, if you didn't know already. Right here i've got A sleeping bag with a matching pillow, my night gown, my new pink dress, and a few sashes. They are all made out of sock except the sashes which are just hair elastics. Right now I am wearing, also made out of sock, a white skirt and shirt.

 I am here! FINALLY!

 And how do you get in this very high-detailed contraption called a tent?

 Mayday.....Mayday......I'm getting stuck........

Well I think I can manage without you pouring into my life! Molly-Anne here to say goodbye.

B-Bye! :)




  1. That was so cute! I loved it! You inspired me to make a doll dress for my doll, and it looks great!

  2. Thank you! I hope you make a whole wardrobe full for your doll's! ;)

  3. Cute story Molly Anne

  4. Thank you!

    ~Molly-Anne, aka Mini Molly not Big molly ;)

  5. Very cute ;)

    Do you know Elaine Roberts or something? She keeps saying that you used her idea :?

  6. Oh, on the Message Board, she is abbiewarmheart51, and she gave me the idea of a sock for a sleeping bag and Mini-Molly to go camping! She is one of my friends ;)

    ~Madison not Molly

    1. Ooooooh!!! OK! She's also on AGfan right? That name sounds SO familiar :)

  7. Hey Molly! If its warm and dry enough, I,m going to gather my friends and have our person take us outside for a while-

    *Sam,s person talking*

    After her dance class!- Mini Sam

  8. So cool, Anonymous! Hope you have a great time! ;)


  9. IKR? I have no idea what to post! :)


  10. I'll post how to make a Christmas wreath!!!!! :):):)

    SO excited!

    I just took pics for a photo-story with Mini Molly xDxDxD Guess that means 2 posts today!!

    But I'm afraid that I can't do anything right now, because right as I was about to send those photo's, Google crashed worldwide. :(


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