Sunday, June 30, 2013

We Meet Emilie and Jasmine

Jasmine here. Molly's blog is so cool--don't tell her I said that. I've made up my mind to steal it--without telling her. How that will work I really don't know...

"Jasmine, why don't we take a tour of the house so we know of our whereabouts?" Emilie suggested to me in a deep British accent. I snickered. She was so hilarious--in a mean way. I could do whatever I wanted. I was THE Jasmine. But I decided to go along anyway--who knows what amazing chances I had of embarrassing Emilie?!

I looked into the computer room. An old, collectible, antique Macintosh computer?! SWEET!

Why. Is. There. A. Screwdriver. In. This. Picture. 

Emilie screamed when she saw Molly. "I CAN'T BELIEVE WE LIVE RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER!!!" Molly screamed back. Emilie smiled and squealed. I just snickered.

We all sat down (me at the front, of course) to watch Emilie "perform" her dumb gymnastics routine. I was a much better gymnast. 

I had to admit, her flip was pretty cool, but I certainly wouldn't tell her that. I could do a flip much more complicated, but for her level she did really amazing. 

So that was it. We looked around the house and got to know it. Then we went back to our room. 

I can't believe how dumb Emilie, Josie, CeCe and Molly are! I am SO much better than them!


the amazing sassy beautiful gorgeous 100% blue ribbon intelligent top-of-the-line,



  1. Emilie is so silly!

    But Jasmine. on the other hand. is kind of sassy!


  2. Molly: YAY now my online BFF has her Best friend, Emilie! Hi! :D
    Mallory: *hair flip* There's no way Jasmine could compare to moi's looks. *smiles brightly* Bonjur, Cece!
    Ruthie: Hey Josie! Haven't talked to you in awhile! :)
    Hope: Ok, girls, that's enough now ;)

    1. Jasmine - I'M awesome and you know it...
      Me - JASMINE!

  3. LOL! I love Jasmine and Emilie!

  4. Christian HomeschoolerJuly 1, 2013 at 10:50 AM

    It seem to me that Jasmine is a little rude. I hope she gets better?

  5. So cute! I love the part with Molly and Emilie reuniting! Silly Jasmine.

    Check the blog

    Vivian (and the dollies)

    PS from Marie-Grace: I wish me and Cecile could reunite. ;-(

    1. I know<3 XD

      Coudl you give me the link?

      I iwsh we coudl unit,e too:(


  6. Hi Madison I have read your blog and really like it but why is Saige so mean? Isn't there enough Bullying in the world to not spread to Dolls and Blogs ?? I love Jasmine and Emily .

    1. Jasmine's parents are divorced, and she cried herself every night to sleep. She takes out her frustration on other.s She gets bette,r we promise.

    2. ok nice to know i feel bad for her

  7. Makenzie (Ml1396)July 1, 2013 at 11:07 AM


  8. Cool-the ag queen

  9. Aw, I'm kind of sad to be seeing Jasmine acting that way- since I have her too and she's so opposite. I thought she would be exactly like Cece... A little dissapointed in how Jasmine is acting. I hope she gets better :(

    Emily seems so sweet! I love her! :)
    P.S. No offense in what I said. It just makes me kinda sad ;)

    1. Us too--Jasmine's parents are divorced and every night she cried herself to sleep. She takes out her frustration on others, though she gets better, don't worry.

      Yes, Emilie is really sweet!

      (No offense taken! we have a lot of bloggers wondering the same thing.)

    2. Oooooh! Ok, I totally get that. I have a few friends (in real life) who's parent's divorced and so I understand that. Poor Jasmine. I feel very sorry for her now :(

      P.S. Ok, I just wanted you to know I wasn't being rude or anything ;)

    3. Yeah:( She asks for forgiveness when she realizes how rude she's been being a month or two later.

      P.S. OKey doke! no worries:D


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