Sunday, November 11, 2012

My owner goes to church.... WITH ME!!!

I went to church with my owner's family! The live band played worship for a little while, and then the service began.

Here is the baby area!!!

                       LET ME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                            PHEW!!! Thanks!!!


Hehehe! People kept on saying, "Oh! Look, there is Madison playing with her doll, how sweet!" LOL
Overall, I had a great time at church, praising God and learning about what he says and thinks even about a teensy tiny little person like me!

BLOOPERS!!!!!    Hehehe! My owner's brother got in the baby corner by mistake! You can see him if you squint a bit! Hehehe, even though he IS younger than my owner, He shouldn't be in the baby corner xD!

Hope you enjoyed a peek at our church!


<3Molly<3   (like my new way of signing off?)


  1. Thank you! My owner brought the new IPad mini that her dad bought for the whole family so we could take pics. If her dad keeps on buying stuff like that, there will be no more money left for buying AG stuff! xD

  2. I love going to church! It's so much fun! Plus you learn stuff! It's a win-win!

  3. Wait wait wait- are you Madcat?

  4. Yes, anonymous. I'm MadCat, aka Madison, not my doll! from the AGFMB!

    Yeah, Melody! My pastor is really really nice, too!


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