Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The easiest chair EVER for mini dolls/other 6 to 9inch dolls!

I'm soooooooooooo Sorry I haven't been posting lately! Thxgiving is just around the corner, and the whole world is busy, I suppose! I hope to show you a fun thanks giving craft today or tomorrow, also! Molly-Anne here (Mini Molly) is modeling! I made a fun chair for her!!!! It didn't cost me a cent!!!!

I'm handing it over to you, Mini-Molly!

OK, All you do is get a toilet-paper roll. then cut a big rectangle in it like this (be careful to leave a back-rest thingy!) and your done. It's seriously THAT EASY. 

 La la la la la..... Oh! Hello! I was just so busy resting in my brand-new chair that I didn't notice you for a second!

Oh, I love this chair so much I'm going to introduce it to you. Chair, this is my friend, You. You, reader, YEAH YOU RIGHT THERE STARING AT THE SCREEN, this is chair. He's not very talkative :)

 Again, A fun thanksgiving post coming up today or tomorrow! ;)

I'm handing it over to you, BIG Molly!


Hey girls, it's me BIG Molly. Molly-Anne is just so cute! Do you have a mini-doll or any other 6" doll? I'd LOVE to know!




  1. Very cute!
    And Addy, Josefina, Kanani, Kirsten, Rebecca, and Marie-Grace

  2. Yes, unfortunately. Ten annoying mini dolls live in the same house as I do. Sigh.

    -Natalie, a MAG 40


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