Saturday, November 17, 2012

How to make the easiest clothes for Mini-dolls!!!

Sorry I haven't bene posting lately! It's been busy the past 2 days! On thursday, my owner had a full day at P.E., On Friday, she had a thanksgiving party, and today, SATURDAY, Ahhhh, sweet Saturday!  No school, no anything but RELAX and post!

So today I'm going to show you how to make the easiest dress ever for your Mini-Doll or Barbie.

 You will need a stretchy sock that does not fit you (ask your parent before cutting up clothes) scissors, and your mini-Doll! For a sash, just get a hair elastic!!

 Take OFF all the clothing off your mini doll, and get your sock. You will cut from the wear the toes are and down if you are making a shirt or a dress. Mine's a dress, so it's longer than a shirt. (for a skirt cut from the middle and down, and then to make it stay on use the hair elastic)

 Cut the neck and arm holes......

Slip it on your doll and your done! Use a hair elastic for the sash! I love my new dress!




  1. Hi Molly!
    Wow! That's VERY creative! Neither me or my sisters have a mini doll though. But for when (if) we get one I know where to look for clothes for it!
    And Addy, Josefina, Kanani, Kirsten, Rebecca, and Marie-Grace :)

  2. Wow! I hope that when you get one you'll have a great many clothes for her!!!!

    Thank you!


  3. Hey it's me Abbie. I am so going to make a dress like that sometime. I saw you made the thread with my message posted in it. Yes I am abbiewarmheart51. I wanted people to hear from me and know that I was doing fine on my "break". Please post the message below on the thread so that people understand what I was saying.

    Hey guys I know that some of you were confused on what my message was about but here is my explanation. I am taking a break until Wednesday so that I can catch up on my real life things like school and chores. I wanted Madcat to post these little notes from me so that you know I am ok and not like dying or anything! (Thanks again Madcat.) I am having a little trouble staying away from the MB but
    So far I have just been viewing it for a few minutes each day and I
    think I will be able to stay away until Wednesday. But I promise to
    have Madison or someone post a little note from me sometimes.

    Bye for now abbiewarmheart51,

  4. I posted it, Abbie! I'm glad that you are doing OK on your break! I hope you come back soon feeling refreshed and everything :)

    ~Madison NOT Molly :)

  5. It's been really busy lately! But dont worry, I will post a thanksgiving craft hopefully near thanks giving....soon!

    ~Molly :)

  6. Thanks giving is day after tomorrow. So you better hurry!

  7. Yeah! I hope to post the thanks giving craft today or tomorrow! :)

    ~Molly :)

  8. Hi! Are you going to post a craft today?

  9. I posted the Thanksgiving crafts! ;) but at was last month, lol ;)

    ~Molly ;)


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