Monday, November 12, 2012

Laundry...... UGH

***NOTE;  If you are having trouble reading the photo-stories, please remember that the caption for the pic is right below it. Thanks.***

Title says it all. Bleck. You know we have a laundry machine thingy down-stairs, you know that, mom.  Huh. Guess she won't let me use it.

Well, I grumbled out of my new room under my owner's desk and into where my old room used to be. That is now my laundry area, aka in front of the mirror.

I took the few paper clips my owner had provided (we're fresh out of clothespins) and set to work, grumbling and complaining. I hung up my light coat first, and then my blue and white striped shirt that you'll see sooner or later.

The paper-clip looked so neat and tidy holding my light coat. I would have enjoyed it but I didn't exactly want to do the laundry at the moment.

UGH! Laundry is hard work. When Josefina comes along, my owner better not baby her. She's going to have her fair share of work, too, you know.

La la la la, Doo dee, doo dum.......

Phew! Done! *achoo!* Gosh, the pollen is really out today! Oh, well, that's nothing. I'LL NOW LEAVE YOU TO YOUR PITIFUL LAUNDRY!!! Hehehe. JK.

Blooper, hehe! Right as my owner was taking the pic above, I fell :) *achoo!* Gosh, that pollen was strong. Oh, well, its probably nothing :)

Goodbye! DO YOUR LAUNDRY!!! Hehehe.


<3Molly<3  :)


  1. Jaclynn! I can't believe you've finally found my blog through all the dollie blogs out there! I'm Madison, aka MadCat on the MB, and aka God'sGirl when I comment on American Girl fan! Yeah, the avatar says Molly, my doll, and such, but sometimes I steal her comment thingy :)

    Oh and thanks! It took a lot of work to make this photo-story! Do you have your own blog yet? I heard your mom was making one!!

    ~Madison aka God'sGirl on Molly account thingy ;)

  2. Madison:
    Yeah, I just clicked on your name and I really like her/your blog! It's a really creative idea to make it be your doll's blog! I like that alot!
    LOL! Yes, I know! you have many names! LOL!
    Hehe! You're funny!
    You're welcome :)
    No not yet, my mom has been SO busy with crocheting (she has a TON of orders) so she hasn't really had time to work on it. It's gonna be fun though! I can't wait :)

  3. Wow! I never knew that your mom crocheted, too! I just sew :)

    ~Madison aka MadCat NOT Molly :)

    1. Oh yeah! She taught me how! She makes up her own patterns for Disney inspired hats. Like Rapunzel from Tangled, Cinderella and her Carriage Horse, Mater and Lightning Mcqueen from cars, and SO much more! Her facebook page is:
      (you don't have to have an account to visit it)
      Her slogan is: "If you want it, I can make it!" No joke, it's true! LOL!

      That's awesome that you sew! I haven't learned yet but my mom is going to teach me I think in December :)
      ~Jaclynn (not my "daughters")

  4. Elizabeth: I HATE doing laundry to! We have to hand wash and then dry it on the clothes line and then fold it and put it away!

  5. When Josefina comes, I have one word of warning: don't leave her hair out too long or it will get messy.

    It takes hours to get through my sister's Josefina's hair, it's so messy.

    Of course, ALL her dolls' hair is messy...

    1. Well I have Josefina and her hair is just frizzy but CAN get better by lightly misting it with water. IT works great :)

      And also, if you leave any doll's hair out or not being taken care of for too long, of course it will get messy.

  6. Thank you for the advice, Anonymous and Jaclynn!
    Oh, and, Jaclynn, I might have to check that out! It sounds like your mom is really good!

    ~Madison not molly :)

    1. You're welcome :)

      Awesome! Let me know when/if you do! Yeah she is really good! LOL!

      P.S. have you visited my site before? Just click on my name here or on AGfan!

    2. Madison: I think I have! But, if not, I'll try to check it out during my busy schedule!


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