Monday, January 14, 2013

Cousins Come to Stay

Last week, my mom's cousins came over to stay for a couple days. It's been a week since they've visited, but this post was only delayed because of mom's injury. :(

 Little Joshua!!!! He is SO adorable. Mommy: Can you smile for the camera, Josh?

 T.J.!!! Hey, T.J. Big smiles for mom's blog!!!!

 After the photo's were taken of the 'stars', mom's brother and T.J. played some LEGO's! They make GREAT building blocks for American Girl dolls.

 While the cousins did their thing, my mom decided I should practice riding on Gingersnap.

I changed outfits. I thought this one looked much better for horseback riding. It is SO adorable! And guess what? It was mom's cousins (the same ones staying here!!) who gave it to my mom for Christmas. There was a matching one for my mom!!! :) :) :)

That's about it, girls. Hope you enjoyed! My mom and her brother had so much fun with TJ and Joshua! Playing the Wii, watching TV until we fell was great. :)

Update on mom's injury: It's doing much, much better. She can run around now. The butterfly bandage (a substitute for a stitch;  my mom didn't want a stitch! BUTTERFLY BANDAGE FOR HER!) should fall off in the shower any day now. Then, my mom's dad can check on it and see how it's doing.

For those of you who didn't know, mom busted her head on the corner of a desk reaching for some play-doh on the ground. It needed a stitch, but my mom was like "NO WAY," so we went with a home-made butterfly bandage with a regular bandage on top of it.

Well, that's it for today girls. Hopefully some fun photo-stories and crafts coming up soon!!! :)


Olly-Molly and Madison (Molly's mom)


  1. You asked my to comment so here it goes!!



    1. Hahaha! :) lol! Thanks for commenting! lol. :)

  2. Cool!!! Joshua is adorable! I have a cousin named TJ!

    1. Madison: Thanks! Yeah, Joshua is ADORABLE! CUTENESS! Oh, really? WOW! We both have cousins named TJ! lol!


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