Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, LET IT SNOW!

IT SNOWED!!!! YAY!!! Mom already took Cecile out when it snowed on Christmas day, so now it's MY TURN. I went out in the snow on Christmas of 2011, though. Poor Josefina, she's never been out in the snow before! Hopefully we can take her out in the snow next time it snows. Well, who's ready for a video and some pictures? I CAN TELL YOU I AM!!! ;)

Oh, I love video's!

 I spy somebody's hand! ;)

 SNOW! It used to be much prettier before mom and her brother trampled it xD


We wanted to make a doll-sized snowman, but the snow wouldn't stick into balls. :( Never-the-less, we had an amazing time eating snow, and ice-sakting (sort of. There was this but inflatable pool filled with water, and it froze went the snow came. I wanted to 'ice-skate' on it, but I didn't have ice-skates and we didn't take a picture.)

But when I fell down and got snow in my hair, we knew it was probably time to hurry back inside. Mom's toes were freezing, and my hair felt wet. (Molly's Mom (Madison): Molly, it was not wet. I brushed it off soon enough! ;) ) So, we came inside. My mom had math problems to do. 'WHY DOES A SNOW DAY HAVE TO BE ON A HOMESCHOOL DAY?!' says my mom. ;)

That's pretty much it, girls! What do you think of the snow?

Update on mom's injury: 'Much better, like yesterday,' my mom says. We need to get the butterfly bandage off TODAY so my mom's dad can check on it. That's about it! Molly the AG news reporter, SIGNING OFF!! ;)

Hope you liked it!  Is it snowing in your area? :)


Olly Molly :)


  1. What state do you live in? I wish i had some snow!

  2. Texas:)
    You could crunch some ice and pretend it's snow: hehe.

  3. I wish it snowed here! It's so pretty!

    Glad your feeling better, Madison! Hope it continues to get better quickly :)

  4. I know, snow is pretty! Don't worry, maybe if you took a trip to see some cousins in another state they would have snow. :)

    Madison: Thank you so much! It's better now, but I think I might have a scar :(


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