Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Barbies Revenge 3: the last part

Grr. And I thought revenge on the AG's was a good idea. Obviously not.

Confused? Oh, let me explain. If you haven;t read the post before the last post or the post before that, you don't know who I am or why I am a Barbie on an AG doll blog. Do me a favor and look at the post before the last and then the post before that, K?

So to continue from "The Barbies Revenge 2" ......

 Laia finally comes in. "Hi guys! I hope I'm not to late to start the revenge against the AG dolls! Sorry, I was sick yesterday and couldn't make it-- uhh, did I interrupt something?" she says. I groan. Yeah, she was just in time to see that Madison had discovered our PERFECT plan of revenge and we were in trouble. "You were in on this too?" Madison asked firmly. Laia slunk into a corner. Madison crossed her arms. "You are to do the AG dolls laundry  EVERY SINGLE PEICE OF CLOTHING that you ruined. Understood?" We nodded. "Good," Madison said. "Then GET TO WORK!

I slunk to the floor. "This is going to take FORVER," I cried, throwing my hands in the air. "We better get to work," Laia grumbled. 

So here we are, taking pieces of clothing from the closet to wash. Afterwards, when we were done, Madison made us promise to never, ever do something mean like that to the AG dolls ever again. I flounced off angrily-- but not before making my promise. -__-

ARGG! It was a PERFECTLY good revenge plan, too! I'm SO angry. But whatever!!! I hate those AG dolls with all of my heart: And I'm not going to let them forget it!!!

~Air Mermaid, H. Skipper, Brittany, Hazel, and Laia, the Barbies (who hate AG!!!!)

AG dolls here! Please pray for Mom: she has an MRI today. PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE pray for good results!!!


  1. Whats and MRI??

    Love hannah

  2. Yes what IS an MRI? And HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!

  3. Happy Valentines day Everybody! A super-special-longer-than-most-posts Valentines post is coming up real soon! To answer your both of your questions, I have NO IDEA what an MRI stands for, but It's kind of like a tunnel, only It a machine-typey tunnel. You lay on this thing and they roll you in. (Your head does NOT go in.)They give you pillows and blankets and cushions and make sure you're real, real comfortable. SInce this was mom's first MRI, she was freaked out. She put on special glasses and she got to watch a movie. It was called, "Jonah, A VeggieTales Movie." She had special head phones to hear it, too. And the really, really nice doctors got to talk to her over the headphone, too!! She had a little speaker, and she could talk to them, too. So, BASICALLY, an MRI is like a tunnel, only it's a machine, and it's like an X-ray, only you have to lay real, real still and it takes, like, an hour. Every 20 seconds, it would make a horrible, loud sound. SO loud, that Mom's mom (our grandma!) had to wear earplugs. ANYWAYS, have you ever heard an alarm? Like when a badguy braked into a bank, and stumbled over a tripwire, and then an alarm goes off? It made a noise like that. For a long time, it made that noise, then a whirring noise. Then the alarm noise again. It was all very scary to mom at first, but she didn't see inside the MRI because she got to watch a movie. After moset of the pictures were done, they stopped the MRY machine and took her out. They gave her an IV. :( But, she didn't feel anything, cause they put something on the spot where they were putting the IV in, and that something made a, well, have you ever opened a tin can of soda? It sounds like that. She didn't see the thing they put on there to num it up (that made the soda can noise) because she was too afraid to look. Then, they put her back into the MRI and 5 minutes later,t he movie paused, and then TA-DA her MRI was done and she got a special goody-bag! (which contains an AMERICAN GIRL DOLLS-SIZED PURSE....Which one of us will claim it first? haha)

    So, in this SUPER DUPER long post, we ended up telling you what happened AND what an MRI was! haha!

    ~Molly and Madison

    1. Well, I hope it goes well Molly & Maddison! & guess what? My mom is getting an MRI tomorrow!!! :-o.

    2. Thanks so much, it went very well:)

  4. I just searched(via what MRI stands for. it means "Magnetic Resonance Imaging". :)


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