Monday, February 11, 2013

The Barbies Revenge Part 2

The barbies here again. Where we left off, Josefina discovered our perfect plan of revenge -__- ..........

Soon, those other annoying American Girl dolls came. This hippie lady (Molly: Really, barbies? Really? Me?! Hippie?!! I'm from the 1940's, not 1970's!!!!) discovered me spritzing the closet with water, as to mildew the clothes. "HEY!!!!" She cried. But I had a plan up my sleeve. "HI-YAH!!!!" I howled, spritzing water in HER eyes. She screamed.

That 'long dresses' doll and that Mexican dinosaur showed up at the other closet of clothes, where it was so hot, sweat begins pouring down the Barbies faces and onto the clothes. To ruin them! Perfect revenge. But as soon as those AG's saw them, Brittany, H. Skipper and Hazle knew they were in for it. Desperate for protection, they shook rapidly, the sweat that WAS pouring from their faces was now flying through the air and landing on the AG dolls. They screamed and fell back, like Molly, as that 1900's hippie is called.

 Dazed and disgusted, they landed on top of each other. AHA! Now, we could escape un-caught. Now, the AG's had mildew and sweat ALL IN THEIR CLOTHES!!! BWA HA HA!! Perfect revenge!!!

Except for one part.

We could have gotten away with it, except......

 Madison heard the commotion and grabbed me.

We were REALLY in for it!!!


~The best barbies EVER,

Air Mermaid, Brittany, H. Skipper, and Hazel.

(the AG dolls here! Those Barbies are SO mean!! Just wait till you find out what mom (Madison) did to them!!!)


  1. Merliah and Cinderella barbies: haha perfect revenge!! Madison how could you!!!

    Emma:oh shut up Barbies. Yay Madison!!!


  2. Air Mermaid, Brittany, H. Skipper and Hazel: Yes indeed! Madison is so annoying! She always ruins our perfect revenge plans!!!!

    AG dolls: Oh, go away barbies. You are right, Emma: Mom came in just in time to SAVE THE DAY!!!!

  3. Barbie fashionistas here!

    I: I TOTALLY agree!!! AG dolls are so UGLY!!!
    A: And they ALL our the age of bratty little kids!!!!


    E: Hey!! I wouldn't want to be some spoiled rotten barbie that looks like it got a face lift everyday of it's life!!


  4. That's SO sad! I have to disagree though. both BARBIES AND AG'S are awesome! You can do different things with them and I think they're both very fun. However I do like my AG's more than my barbies... Sorry ;)

    1. Madison: Barbies ARE cool, yes, but my AG dolls don't like them because they are bratty xD LOL! I don't play with them because yeah, I like mine more than barbies too ;) xD


      Ag dolls: LOL barbies. Didn't they read the last sentence of Jaclynn's comment? Barbies oh barbies... ;)

  5. I never knew you could do a parenthesis in a parenthesis XD


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