Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

Hello dollies and their mommies! ;) HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! We AG dolls had the best party EVER! We were SUPPOSED to go to mommy's two BFF's house today for a special Valentines Day party, but one of her BFF's got strep throat, and they had to cancel. :'( But that's okay, because we had the party of parties right here at home, after Mommy's MRI! (see my comment on the last post, Barbie's Revenge part 3.)

So, are you ready to ROCK N' ROLL this party TONIGHT? We are! (INCLUDED: a sneak-peek of McKenna's movie, if you haven't seen it yet, even last year when it came out.)

"How's this, Josefina?" I asked from the end of the box that we were hanging the Valentines Day garland onto. I wanted it to be perfect for the party!

"PERFECT!" Cried Josefina from the other end. "Let me tie mine up, and then I'll help you with yours." my fingers weren't quitenimble enough to tie small and swift knots like Josefina knew how to!

"I have the special Valentines Day tarts!" Cecile cried excitedly, setting the platter full of delicious tarts on the table. "Mmm-mm!" I said, licking my lips. "Hey, the party's about to start!" Josefina shouted. "Get the music!" 

 Me and Cece danced while Josefina helped herself to a strawberry-flavored tart. "OH MY GOODNESS!" Shrieked Josefina. "These are probably LOADED WITH SUGAR!!! This is SOO good!" Mom giggled. She made those in a healthy way! (Felt and thread...sounds yummy xD)

 Coconut wanted in on the fun, too! Coconut: Arf, arf! (GET ME A BITE TO EAT!) Woof, bark, bark! (These sound good!) Unfortunately, Coconut ate the rest of the tarts. "Not to worry," mom winked at us. "I've got more in the oven."

Soon, mom handed us our Valentines. They were SO sweet. :') Happy tears of LOVE!! Kissy wissy! (OK, this is just getting gross! LOL!)

Soon, mom handed us our own plate of tarts. "I've got a special movie for you all to watch," she said excitedly. Ooh, ooh! I was SO excited! I wondered what the movie was!

I'll give you a hint of what it was: Just watch the video. See? It's an American Girl movie!

Here is a picture from the end of the movie. Can any of ya'll guess now? MCKENNA SHOOTS FOR THE STARS!!! What an AWESOME movie!!! Thank to mom's AWESOME dad, he burned it onto a CD for her. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! 

And here's a special video from the beginning of the movie! Look at all these amazing gymnasts!!!

That's about the end of the Valentines day Party! Happy Valentines Day!
Most of all, we send lot's of love to YOU! Yes, you, our readers! We would not be here today if it wasn't for your comments, reading our posts, and following us! Even if you haven't commented or followed, viewers play a very important role in getting our blog to where it's gone today. Thank you SO much for making Delightful World of Dolls the best it's been! Lot's of Love comin' your way!

Hope you get lot's of V's this season,

~Molly,  Josefina and Cecile! 
(Madison, their human mom: Don't forget me, girls! :D Happy Valentines Day everybody! How was your Valentines Day this year?) 


  1. Happy Valentine's Day! I loved it, Madison :)
    <3 <3 <3

    1. Thank you so much! Happy Valentines Day! :D (or as today is, the day AFTER! ;) )

      ~MJC (Molly, Josefina and Cecile. Thanks @Vivian for abbreviating idea!)

      Madison: Thanks! Happy Valentines Day! (or the day after :P) Hope ya got lot's of V's this season!

  2. Great Job MJC! (Molly,Josefina,Cecile) i love your party!
    @ madison:cute! i love the mckenna movie!

    Vivian,Emma, and Marie-Grace.

    1. Thanks, guys! We really appreciate it!!!

      ~MJC <3

      Madison: Thanks! :D

  3. I'm glad I made up the abbreviating idea!

    VEMG (Vivian Emma Marie Grace :) )

    1. LOL! Well, it's not really abbreviating if you're still typing all of their names :P
      If you just put the abbreviations then it's a good idea!

  4. Yes Jaclynn. So it's 11:00 here! Late.


    VEMG ;)


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