Friday, February 8, 2013

My Trip To The AGP Dallas 2013

Hello Lovely people of the world. It is I, Molly! I am SO very sorry we haven't been posting lately; the reason behind that is MOM WENT ON A SLEEPOVER! TO HER BFF'S HOUSE! And while she was there she went to the AGP Dallas!!!!!!!! And I went with her! To the sleepover! And the AGP! Sorry I am overloading you with information! xD
We checked out their chickens! Chirp chirp! And mama got to hold some baby chickens! Chirp chirp! Then we played AG dolls! "Hello, Starla and McKenna!" (mom's BFF's dolls) "Hello, Hope and Sara!" (her BFF's sister's dolls, which is also her BFF!) "Hello, Molly! (Starla, McKenna, Hope and Sara, her BFF's dolls.)
Then we had Pizza for dinner.
Then we watched the McKenna movie! YEA! McKenna Shoots For The Stars; An American Girl Movie!!!
Our mom's danced with us whenever the music from the movie played.
Then, we watched "What's In The Bible With Buck Denver!" volume 1. Our moms danced with us dolls to the music for that one, too!
Then, we slept like rocks. ZZZZZZ! "Snooooooore!" (mama snoring......hehehe. NAAH, just kidding she doesn't snore. :p)

Then, in the morning.......*drum roll, please...* ..........WE WENT TO THE AGP DALLAS!!!! HURRAY! Mom took, like, HUNDREDS of photo's of the AGP, and they're included in a video that is in the page marked "my movies" above. ^
But we took some photo's of what we got there!!! LOOKY HERE!

The City Sunglasses for dolls!

 The case it came with!!

 A fabulous tote bag!

 A gorgeous pink hoodie!

 A magnificent red Dallas AGP tee!


And a hair pick for Cece! Mom couldn't wait to get started!

I hope you liked this post, girls! The doll chat will HOPEFULLY come tomorrow! :)

Have you been to the American Girl Place before?


Molly (and Madison, Josefina and Cecile!)


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks so much! :D

      ~Molly (and Madison!)

  2. Oh Awesome!
    very good choices on the things you bought!
    I went to the chicago AG store for my eighth birthday i bought pepper the puppy and pink glasses and i got the valintine heart dress my grandma bought for me!

    Enjoy all your new doll stuff!

    Love Hannah and her doll Emily

  3. Thanks! Wow, looks like you got some great stuff, too! Thanks, I certainly will :)
    Thanks once again!

    ~Madison (and Molly! :D)

  4. Love it!! Maybe we could meet at the dallas store sometime!!!

    MG:hi Cecile!! I miss you online pen pal!!!

    Vivian,Marie-Grace and Emma (mag57)

    1. Maybe! And thanks!!!

      Cecile: I miss you too, Marie-Grace!!! AT least we can stay in touch!!!!

      and Josefina and Cecile! ;)

  5. How fun! I'm going to the one in LA in 1 week and 5 DAYS!!! I can't wait!!! (although, I'm sure I don't have to tell you that, lol)
    I love that hoodie! So cute! I have a list all made of what I'm getting- and one of the things I'm getting is...................

    1. Thanks!
      And HOW EXCITING! I feel for you!!! You must have been as excited as my mom was!!!!
      Thanks, Josefina's wearing the hoodie right now this very second, LOL.
      Really? You're getting Saige? Congrats!!! I hope you like her when you get her! :D

      ~Molly and Madison!
      (with Josefina and Cecile!)

    2. LOL! I bet Josefina looks really cute in that! I already know she looks beautiful in pink ;)
      YES! I've been talking about her since she came out and I have more than enough money to buy her! I can't wait to add her to my family :)
      P.S. Madison- who do you think you'll want to get next?

    3. Josefina: Thanks! :D
      And that's SO exciting: I bet you'll love Saige! My mom won't get her, because she saw her in person when she went on Thursday, and she just wasn't the doll for her. But that's OK! I can't wait till you get Saige!!

      Madison: I think I'll get a few kits and some shoes. I hope to buy more stuff when I go for my B-day in June- I'm not buying anything from now to the time I go to the AGP! That way I'll have myself a shopping spree xD ;)


    4. Josefina: You're welcome :)
      I know I will! I saw her in person when I went to my riding lessons (another girl brought her) and she was SO cute!
      LOL! Yeah, I understand that! There are dolls that I don't care for that other girls love :)
      Kits as in like Doll School, Doll Dining and so forth? I love those! LOL!
      That's what I do (or try to do, it's very hard) after my craft show in November. I get alot of money and then save it all up until my bday to have a huge SHOPPING SPREE! It's SO fun!
      I hope you have fun on your shopping spree when you go :D
      P.S. I like making faces, LOL!

  6. UH OH. I forgot to mention in the post- WE GOT THE HAT FOR DOLLS, too! The first pic shows a little bit of it.

  7. Congrats Jaclynn!! I'm so happy for you!!! There are 2 ways I could possibly get saige.
    1:I'm homeschooled and I do this program called Classical Conversations and there is a thing called memory master to memorize 24 weeks of subjects you would do in school but its different and say them to 4 people and if I accomplish that I will get the saige doll.
    2:I entered the saige contest
    3 (extra one I thought of): my parents are giving me an allowance on my 9th birthday.

    Too much? XD Vivian


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