Saturday, February 16, 2013

How To Curl American Girl Doll Hair!

Why, hello lovely people of the world! It is I, the one and ONLY Cecile Rey! As I felt I had been a little too majestic in my last post, I began to realize I wasn't the ruler of everything. Though it felt nice, nothing really honored me. SO, to make up for it, I will show you how to curl my GORGEOUS hair!!! It shows how to curl lose curly doll hair, like Caroline's, too. So, you ready for some kid-friendly music while watching a very formative video? ME TOO!

I'm sorry we've been doing so many video's lately, but I promise this is the last one for a few posts!!!
Mom(Madison) made this. Please watch! There is very kid-friendly music in the background, too. The music is "Fire of God" by Rohn Bailey. "We are hungry for the fire of God, to set us free from the ways of men, hands are lifting for the light has come, we are hungry for the FI-IRE!!!" If any of you are familiar with it. :) At the end, there's a little bit of "From The Rising Of The Sun" By Christ For The Nations. (CFNI.)


I hope this helped you!

Your loving CECE! <3


  1. Great!! I'm getting Cecile for my birthday so this is a helpful video!! Would you consider checking out my blog? It's AG Dolly

    1. I would LOVE too, but my mom's parents are watching how much time she spends on the computer and what websites she goes too, and she's only allowed to go to just a couple. She might be able to visit it once, though, if she talks to her dad! I just know your blog is amazing, keep going!:D

    2. Guess whatty? ;) Mom's dad said that since people follow her blog and comment, she should at least do something for them too, so she can visit your blog once or twice and comment, too! YEA!

  2. Well that's a good video but you're actually not supposed to use BRUSHES on curly doll's hair like that (meaning Cecile, Caroline, etc). It makes their hair all frizzy! I noticed it was doing that to Cece's ends of her hair.
    When I hair pick Caroline's hair I mist her hair with water, start picking it at the ends moving towards the top. Then I kinda make it's shape with my fingers ;)
    I'm not trying to be mean or anything just to help you :)

    1. Madison: I know, that's the only problem with the brush: it makes the ends frizzy! But you make it go away with the spray bottle, at least that always works for me! :D


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