Friday, February 22, 2013

A Blog Review: Madness and Fun, and Madness and Fun With the Dolls!

Hello there, lovely people of the world! LOL! ;) Today, we met up with Abbie and Abbie's Dolls, the owners of Madness and Fun and Madness and Fun With the Dolls, and decided we should do a review on each other's blogs! We actually decided this a little while ago, but we've finally have time to do it right here, right now! ;) So, here we go! :D

Let's begin with Madness and Fun! is the thing of pure delight! There are cool crafts, cute pictures, and another thing......AG! Yep, you guessed it, AG! A new post telling about new AG things realeasing! Cute pictures of Abbie's dolls doing cute stuff! The occasional doll craft! Cool crafts for dolls and humans, adorable pictures of dolls and cute animals, and overall, another amazing blog by a sweet, Christian girl, who goes by Abbie. :) Let's give a hand for Madness and Fun! *bloggers all over the world applause*

Second, let's get onto ! Abbie's dolls steal a cute little blog and make it there own! The Mini-Dolls might take over, the 18 Inch AG dolls have an adventure with the family cat, cute little chats and adorable crafts! This AG blog is the place to look if you're bored out of your mind, and need ideas for your dolls! Let's jump at, wag our tails and bark for this amazing blog! *winks at Coconut* Coconut: RUFF RUFF RUFF! ARF! ARF! BARK, WOOF WOOF! (Madness and Fun With The Dolls RULE!!!!!!)

That's about it for the reviews! Thanks for doing with us, Abbie and Abbie's dolls!

Check out this 100% pure awesomeness by clicking these links! AND !!!
Thank you for reading!

(coming up: Josefina's adventure to McDonalds! We were going to post that today, but we figured the review would be a little better!)


(With Josefina and Cecile!)


  1. cool! ♫♪♫ Old McDonald had a farm Ei-ay-ei-ay-ohhhhhhhhhhh!♪♫♪ -cracks windows-

    I'll shout you out on my 20 follower post even though you aren't following ☺☻

    1. LOLOL! Thanks!
      Aww, and thanks for that too! We would follow, except we share a google account with my mom's dad, and if we follow, we appear as a man. :(

  2. Thanks Molly er Madison er Molly!!!!! the blogs could REALLY us esome publicity!!!!

  3. Excited for the McDonald's post :P

    1. It will HOPEFULLY come up this afternoon! LOL!


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