Sunday, February 24, 2013

Molly Goes To McDOLLnalds!

Hola! Josefina here. Since I went to the human-sized McDonalds, it's time for Molly to go to the doll-sized McDOLLnalds! (don't worry, me and Cecile work there, so you'll see us in there too!) Take it away, Molly!


Hi girls! OLLY MOLLY here! It's funny, I'd never been to a Doll Fast Food place before, so I don't know what to do. But, today, I've decided to face my fears and try the new McDOLLnalds across the street. So, I hopped in my car and went! I wanted to have a small 'picnic' anyways.

I was SUPER worried that I would embarras myself in front of the employees there, but they were super nice and told me everything I needed to know. "Hi, I'm Cecile, and welcome to McDollnalds. May I take your order?" the lady asked. I looked at the menu beside her. I studied it. "I'll take the Sprite, a small french fries, and a bag of apples, please," I answered. 

"A Sprite, small french fries and a bag of apples are coming right up! Just pay here and drive to the other window," she instructed me. "That will be 4 dollars." 

I handed her the money. 
Then, I drove up a couple of feet to the other window.

"Hi there, I'm Josefina, and you ordered Sprite, french fries and apples, right?" asked the 2nd employee, checking over my order. "Yes," I answered. 

"Then we've got the right order!" Josefina exclaimed, handing me my meal. (see the cute box?!) "Thank you for coming to McDollnalds, and have a very blessed day!" Josefina called as I took my order. I waved, then I was off! 

See my meal? There's the Sprite, the french fries, and the bag of apples! It was SO good, yet I knew Fast Food wasn't good for you... LOL! 

So to remember my awesome time eating my very first Fast-Food, I had a passerby snap a photo for me!

Cecile: Say, "Le fromage!"
Me: HUH????
Cecile: In French, that's cheese!
Me: OH! Well, then, cheese and le fromage!

I hope you enjoyed! :D 

Have you ever been to a Fast Food place?




  1. That. Was. ADORABLE!!!! I LOVED it! How did you make the box? It looked great! I think you need to post how to make that stuff! LOL!

  2. LOL! THANKS! We'll make a post of how to make it soon!

  3. That's cute!! I love "mcdollnalds" that's sooo cute!



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