Monday, May 20, 2013

The New Girl - PART 4

"Of course I do," I say after a moments hesitation. This girl's life was in a mess, it wasn't her fault she was angry. So I chose to forgive her. "But right now, let me get changed, I'M SO UNCOMFORTABLE IN THIS SKIRT!!!!" Priscilla smiled. 

After I had changed into some comfortable pants, I helped Priscilla master her splits. 

This was how her splits were when we first started, 

And here they are now, with my help. 

Priscilla and I are now great friends! As for the other Barbies? I think they will always be annoying Barbie's, but for good times sake, they're not really mean at heart ;P



Have you had a person that used to be mean to you, but now is your great friend?


Molly :)


  1. Yeah!!! *clap clap clap* That was great! I'm so glad that you forgave Prisilla. :)
    Actually, I did have a friend like that. A LONG time ago. . . It was a school friend, and I'm homeschooled now.
    Oh oh! It's your 100th post this year!!

    1. Aww thanks! I'm glad I did, too ;)
      Wow! Mom used to have a friend like that when she used to be private schooled whens he was younger...Haha, HOME-SCHOOLERS UNITE! ;)
      Really? *checks posts* OH MY GOSH! You're right! Awesome!! :D

  2. Whoops, Priscilla, not Prisilla. :)

  3. That's awesome! Glad to see that it all worked out :)

    Well, there's this girl in our homeschool group- she like made a rude assumption about me and this other girl and gave us this big old attitude. After that I just ignored her. But just the other day on a field trip- we actually started talking! It was like nothing ever happened. We probably won't be friends but it's just kinda wierd! LOL!

    I've never had that problem though. I actually had the opposite! An 18/19 yr old girl who was like my BFF/fake sister- now I never want to see her again because she was horrible to my family :(

    1. Thanks! Us too :D

      Woah! That is WEIRD! WHen mom used to be in kindergarten, private schooled when she was younger, there was this snobby girl whose middle name was Thomas(she forgot ehr first name) and she bragged about EVERYTHING and always gave her a hard time, but then they started talking too, and the became friends ;P

      Oh no! That's just awful. DO you know what happened to the girl now? Like if she moved or ever apologized? :(

      ~Molly and Madison

    2. LOL! You're funny! Well, that's cool that you guys are friends now :)

      I know. I cried for weeks :(
      Uh- kinda. I don't think it's stuff I should say on here though- if you know what I mean. Let's just say she's a bad girl! :/

    3. haha thanks ;) Yeah it is :)

      Ohhhh ok. That's sad about the girl. :(


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