Sunday, May 5, 2013

Happy Cinco De Mayo (fifth of May)

Happy Cinco De Mayo (fifth of May), everyone! Why, it seems like just yesterday we were posting that Happy First Day of May post...We can't wait introduce all kinds of new things here at Delightful World of Dolls, so.....STAY TUNED! :)


Josefina and Molly
(Madison and Cecile, too! ;))


  1. IK how you feel, happy cinco de mayo

  2. cute! i love the picture! good idea making a taco and using the tira as a waistband!
    your so creative! Emily: Hi josifina! i love that picture of you!

    LOve Hannah Emily

  3. Happy (one day late) Cinco De Mayo, ya'll! hehe :)

    Hannah and Emily - thank you! Haha yep, you noticed we used to tiara as the little waistband ;) And thanks Emily! :D

    (and Molly;))

    1. Hi Madison!
      You know Vivian, right? She has Grace (Marie-Grace) and Emily.
      I was wondering if you knew if anything was wrong. She hasn't been on or done anything on her blog since April 19th and I haven't even been seeing her online- on any of the websites! I'm just wondering if you know. I wonder if something's wrong?

    2. Yep, she comments on Delightful Worlds of Dolls sometimes! No, I don't think I know why she hasn't been online lately. She mentioned she was going to Canada last month, but she came back from that, I think. I hope something isn't wrong, but yes, I haven't seen her online lately.


    3. Yeah, she came back from Canada. Hmmm.. Maybe she just wants to take a break away from the computer?
      I hope nothing's wrong too!

    4. Maybe, I hope not, though! :(


  4. Natalie: Note to self: do not tell Josefina she missed Cinco de Mayo.
    Kaya: ...yeah, that would not go over well.

    Mini Sam: MOLLY-ANNE!! Remember when I told you about our backyard with all the strange plants? I'm going out there soon (probably tomorrow or Friday or Sunday or later this month) with Ivy and maybe Kit, Nellie, and Josie to explore!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!


    1. (BTW, Kit, Nellie and Josie are my sister's minis. She also has Ruthie, but Ruthie's missing)


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