Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy May 1st!

Woot woot! Happy May first, everyone! Last month the slogan was April showers bring May flowers....and we're just starting to get our flowers we were promised! ;) It's a pretty but foggy and damp day. Still I decided to play outside! I'm on the swingset. Mom's like, "Hold on dear! That swing was made for humans like me, not dolls like you! Be so careful!" LOL! 

Now I'm in the fort that the swing set is attached to. "HOLD ON TO THAT BAR, MOLLY! DON'T FALL OFF! DON'T GO NEAR THE EDGE!" mom warns this time. Mother's are so silly, always worrying about their dolls....;)

Well happy May first, everyone! We can't wait to fill this month with fun crafts, funny stop-motions, cute photo-stories and amazing videos/movies! :) We're so excited. Nothing much going on over here....what are your plans to spend the day?


Molly and Madison(mom)


  1. I get you, Molly! Since I'm the youngest, my mom is always worrying about me!!

  2. Happy May First! LOL! Those pics are cute :)
    I have to go with my mom to take my sis to the doctor. We think she has a spider bite and it looks wierd! Then we're going to Staples and to mail some packages and then I'm going to make a Snow White headband to go with the dress I just finished today!!! YAY! LOL!

    1. LOL thanks ;)

      Oh no! That's awful! I hope the spider bite isn't anything serious. haha, my mom and her brother saw this ENORMOUS spider today....yuck spiders >.< lol
      That's awesome! A Snow White dress and headband? I bet it's adorable! :)


    2. You're welcome!
      I know! The docotr said she doesn't think it's a spider bite but a broken blood vessel! And to call right away if there's another one! Uh-oh!
      EW! I hate spiders! I have them in my bedroom alot.. :/
      Yep! It came out SO cute! I'm going to be posting pics on my blog in a few days so look for it ;)

  3. cUTE! OH MADISON! worrying about molly like that! hehe! it is so unnaturaly warm outside today! like over 80 degrees!!

    LOve Hannah

    1. LOL ;) Really? That's great! I don't know about you but I'm a TOTAL sunshine and warm-weather kinda girl ;)


    2. Yeah, it's like 90 or over 90 degrees today- blech! LOL!


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