Thursday, March 14, 2013

Molly Goes To Granddad's!

Today, I went to mommy's granddad's house. They weren't the ones in Houston. Mimi and Papa were the ones in Houston: like the ones in The Adventure To and At Houston, Part 1!

Time to go! See my messy hair? That gets fixed later on ;)

Sitting pretty!

We're leaving the parking lot. (We live in the parsonage at our church (where my Mom's Daddy is the pastor) so that explains the big parking lot.) 

My newly braided hair against the messy hair we mentioned above. ;)

Watching the scenery go flying by!

Oh! We're here, after the long, 40-minute drive.

I can't wait to see inside! I haven't been here since March of 2012! And it's already 2013!

Once again, sitting pretty!

 FEROCIOUS DOG!!!! Mom's grandparents have a DOG!!!! (Madison: Molly, it's just a beagle! It isn't ferocious. Well, to you, since you're a doll, I guess it is.)

Isn't Daisy cute? She doesn't seem too ferocious when she wants you to pat her tummy! I wish we had a sweet dog like her. Too bad mommy's mom is allergic to some types of dogs. But she isn't allergic to Daisy..and she's a beagle mix......a possibility! 

Woohoo! LOOK AT MY PIANO SKILLS! hehe! Mom knew how to play "Mary Had A Little Lamb" and "Here Comes The Bride" on the piano, so she taught me those.

Mary had a li-ttle lamb, li-ttle lamd, li-ttle lamb! Mary had a li-ttle lamb, whose fleece was white as snow!

Here, comes, the bride, all dressed in white!

Look at the pretty plants! (that black mark is not a mark on my arm. That's actually part of the plant, if you look closely enough.) 

Daisy the dog: "Ouch! Those fleas! Scritch, scratch, scritch. HA! That got rid of THEM!" Well, actually I don't know why Daisy was itching. She doesn't have fleas, I guess it's just what dogs do! LOL 


What's up?

Here I am in the pretty backyard!

IT'S. SO. HOT. FOR. MARCH! I'm stayin' in the SHADE!

Aww man! Why does mom go make me see the pretty plants in the garden before going back in the cool indoors? (if you look closely enough, this is actually a bush or something. Not the ground) 

Because of the outdoor grill, mom got worried that the smoke smell would linger on me, and I would smell like smoke, so she took me inside. 

I sat on the chair with mom's big sisters purse, and some cake we're going to take home.

I kind of dozed off while the others were eating, playing baseball, talking and then eating desert....


Oh! I awoke with a start. We were getting ready to leave! Had I really slept for that long?

I patiently waited for mom, her little brother, her older sister and her mom to get their things together. (their dad was staying home.)

La la la la la.....

Hey hey hey, well whaddya say?! It's time to leave! I'll sure miss Daisy, my mom's grandparents (technically, they would be my great-grandparents) and the pretty scenery and garden. I enjoyed coming here....Josefina and Cecile will have a hard time deciding who will go with mom when she goes to her grandparents again for an Easter celebration! 

 I took a deep breath,

and stepped out into the warm sunshine. What a pretty day, I thought to myself. 

I tried to open the handle, but it was stuck or something! Mom opened it just-like-that. Humans are MUCH stronger than dolls, it seems!

 I'm sitting down here, my head band falling off. LOL!

Tired again, I dazed off some more....

Driving fast...

I woke up again. I slept through the long, 40-minute trip and made it home!! 

So we were home....


Wow! I loved going to my grandparents and getting to ride in the car and spend time with my mom and her family. I couldn't wait to share this with you guys and Josefina and Cecile! :) 

Hope you're having a very blessed day now,

Molly and Madison
(with Josefina and Cecile!)


  1. Pretty pictures! I LOVE dAISY! she is adorable! wow it sure is nice weather were you live! it's starting to get nicer here were i live though maybe You can take two dolls when you go ther for Easter! if you can't you should probably bring Cecile! she hasn't gone anywere with you yet!

    Love Hannah

    1. Thank you so much, Hannah! Yes, she IS adorable! :D Yes, we should take Cecile with us to the Easter Celebration at our granddad's, it's true, she hasn't gone anywhere with us yet!

      ~Molly and Madison, with Josefina!

      Cecile: YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. Cute Molly! I agree with Hannah, you should bring Cecile next if your not allowed to bring two dolls or maybe all of them!
    Marie-Grace: hello Molly! Tell Cecile that I hope she can go to the Easter celebration!

    Vivian: yesterday all of us were sick! It was not pleasant. But we're better now. I entered the wishing for spring giveaway at American girl fan! You can go check it out.


    1. Thanks so much, Vivian! :) Yes, it's decided then: Cecile's coming with us to the Easter Celebration!
      Cecile: OH YEAH!!!! YES YES YES YES YES!!!!
      Me(Molly): And she was getting on ME for shouting and not being ladylike! *rollseyes* Hi, Marie-Grac! I'll be sure to tell ehr that, she says she really misses you! :)
      Madison: Aww man! It's the changing-weather type of year where everyone gets allergies, it seems! I'mg lad you're all better now! :) And yea! Liz finally put the giveaway up, I can't wait to enter! :D

      ~Molly and Madison, with Josefina and Cecile! :)

  3. You're SO cute Molly!!!
    And you're grandparent's house looks really nice, too! Good job on the piano ;)
    Hey, Madison!
    One of the pictures hasn't been loading up. is it that way for you too or is it just my computer?
    Also I should have my blog up and running by next week!!! SO SUPER EXCITED!!!!

    1. Thank you very much! :)
      Thank you, I love my mom's grandparents and playing on the piano! :)

      Madison: It isn't? That's strange! No, all the pictures seem to be loading for me just fine. Could you tell me what number the picture is so I can re-download it? (like 3 from the top, 6 form the top, etc...)
      And really?!?!!! I FEEL THE EXCITEMENT!!!!! What kind of things will you post on your blog?! You must be more excited than I am, but I'm still SO EXCIED FOR YOU!!!

      ~Madison and Molly

    2. It's the 21st picture. The one about the smoke getting on her. It might just be my computer but everytime I come on here it's just that pic that doesn't load. And usually when this happens I just click refresh and it's there. I don't know... ?

      LOLOL! Thank you!!! I'll be posting photostories, photoshoots, hairstyles (maybe), hair care tips, giveaways, etc. I already typed up rough drafts for like my first post, and descriptions for other pages that are gonna be on there! I'm SOOOO excited!!! We're probably gonna work on it a bit more today. The program we're using is pretty confusing so we have to figure stuff out.
      Thanks for being excited for me!!! LOLOL!

    3. Hmm!! Weird! I'll try re-uploading it and see if that helps.

      And I can't wait until you get your new blog, you must be so excited,we can't wait to see all the new posts you'll make:D


    4. We just re-uploaded it. Is it better now?

    5. Yes, it's there now! I wonder what was wrong? Weird!
      I am! SUPER excited!! Thanks!

  4. OMG. The pic where Molly's getting in the car, to go home from your grandparents it shows houses across the street. Is this in Texas? Because my grandparents live in Texas and the houses across the street look like some houses on their street. Wow, this is so strange!

    1. Wow, that IS strange! Yeah, it's in Texas alright. That's really weird! If you'd like, I could crop out those houses for you, just in case.

      ~Madison :)

  5. It's just extemley weird. I'm in Texas right now for spring break, around the Dallas area, and I'm like across the street from your grandparents then


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