Friday, March 1, 2013

Coconut Goes Missing!

Hehe. Molly-Anne(Mini-Molly) here. Get ready for a wild adventure, right here in Delightful World of Dolls!

It was a normal day in the life of American Girl. Molly (my owner) was sitting in the Our Generation Salon Chair, waiting for her hair to be styled.

Cecile was cleaning up,

Josefina was brushing her hair,

And I was on Molly's bed, as usual. 
But only I sensed that something was terribly wrong. 
Coconut was missing.

Now usually I would be glad that Coconut was missing, but Molly and the others didn't know their 'sweet' dog was missing. To me, Coconut only chased me!!

"Molly, Coconut's hiding again," I tried to climb up the footrest of the Salon Chair. Molly was too busy deciding which style she wanted.

"GUYS!!! COCONUT'S MISSING!!" I shouted. Nobody paid any attention. "Why do I have to do everything for them?" I thought, beginning to search. 

Under the Salon Cape,

In Molly's toybox,

And in a shoe.

"HELP!!!! HELP!!!!! I'M STUCK!!!!! CALL 911!!!!!!" Eventually, I found out this wonderful invention alled Velcro. I opened one flap, and the Velcro worked, and I got out! YEA!

Well obviously Coconut was nowhere to be found, and I was quite glad. Now I could rome about the house without the fear of Coconut chasing me. 

Until I heard a familiar bark. UH OH. Coconut had been hiding in the laundry basket all this time! GRR!!! "AAARRF!!! RUFF RUFF RUFFF!!!!!!!!" Moaned Coconut, charging toward me. NNNOOO!!!

"GET OFF ME, YOU MUTT!!!" I screamed.

Then, Molly came down form the Salon Chair and grabbed Coconut. "Molly-Anne!" she scolded. "You were supposed to stay on my bed! You know you can't come on the ground when Coconut is let loose!" 

WHAT?! I thought. I was just trying to help them find Coconut! 

Oh, well. Only Mini Dolls know what good deeds they try to do!

18 inch dolls are SO annoying.

~Molly-Anne, hehe! :) 


  1. Poor Molly-Anne!
    Marie-Grace:great job cleaning Cecile! I miss you SOOOOO much!
    Your online pen pal, Marie-Grace


    1. Firstie! ^


    2. Lol! Thanks!

      ~Molly and Josefina

      Cecile: Merci, Marie-Grace! I miss you so!

  2. Replies
    1. LOL!! Thank you so much!

      ~Molly and Madison
      (with Josefina and Cecile!)

  3. hey! whats your ISU ID?

    1. Madison2465!

      (for those who are wondering how we have an IDU ID without having a MAG doll, when mom first got me, she didn't know only MAG dolls can go on ISU. So we called a GUY working at American GIRL and she gave us the ISU code and necklace and charm for us!)


    2. Oh! Turns out, we're already friends! YEA!

  4. This is so cute!! Guess who I just ordered on the AG site?? Meatloaf!! (And a hair pick and glasses!)

    1. Thank you so much, Hope!! :)
      Really?!!?!! Meatloaf is SOO adorable! I know you'll enjoy him!! I recommend the hair pick all the way, it's PERFECT for curly doll hair! And what kind of glasses did you get? My personal favorite are the blue ones for MAG dolls!

      ~Molly :)

  5. He he he he!!
    I LOVE your hair in braids Josie's and I like your outfit Molly! You look cute to Cecile! And I love your dolls room! whereis your dolls room? I love it its so cool!!! Emily: hi girls! I like your room! i have coconut to! but she doesn't chase my mini molly!

    Love hannah and Emily (My awesome doll)

    1. Lol;)
      Josefina: Aww! Gracias! :D
      Molly: Thanks! my mom picked it out!
      Cecile: Merci! *flips curly hair over shoulder dramatically*
      ME: My dolls room is under my craft desk, which is actually in my mom and dad's room! And thank you! :D
      Molly: Thank you so much, Emily! Aww, my Coconut says HI to your Coconut! ;) And I'm glad she doesn't chase your Mini Molly, LOLOL!

      ~Molly and Madison
      (With Josefina and Cecile!)

  6. I once had a house for my doll in my closet and a room under my desk. but not anymore! Emily: He He your funny Cecile! and my coconut says Hi back to your coconut!

    Love Hannah and Emily

    1. Cool! ~Molly<3

      Cecile: Merci again! Coconut says something like: ABRK BARK WOOF ARF ROOOO!!!!" Can your dog translate it lol

  7. That was SO cute! It seems like everything bad happens to Molly-Anne! Poor little thing :(
    And Molly, Cecile, and Josefina: Shame on you! She was trying to help you find Coconut! She thought he was missing! She cried out so many times for different things but none of you heard her! You need to apologize to her!


      Molly: LOL!!! Poor molly-Anne, we never can see when she's trying to help us!! LOL!

    2. Molly-Anne: OH, I DO! LOL!

      Molly: Maybe from now on you should ask her what she was doing and let her answer ;) LOL!

  8. Cute photostory!!!!!!!!

    18 inch dolls:Bad dolls!Molly Anne was just trying to help.

    1. Thank you, thank ya, THANK YA VERY MUCH!!!! *does Elvis Presley move* ~Molly-Anne

      Molly: We never can see when she's helping her! Bad us! LOLOL!

  9. Emily(My doll) : He he he he he!!!!!!!!!!! yeah my coconut translated that! it means "I think your so awesome other coconut!" he he he he he he he!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love hannah and emily


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